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  • چشم حس افسرد بر نقش ممر  ** تش ممر می‌بینی و او مستقر 
  • The sensual eye is fixed on the form of the thoroughfare: thou regardest him as (only) a thoroughfare, while (in reality) he is the permanent resting-place.
  • این دوی اوصاف دید احولست  ** ورنه اول آخر آخر اولست 
  • This dualism is characteristic of the eye that sees double; but (in reality) the first is the last and the last is the first.
  • هی ز چه معلوم گردد این ز بعث  ** بعث را جو کم کن اندر بعث بحث  820
  • Hark, by what means is this made known (to thee)? By means of the (spiritual) resurrection. Seek to experience (that) resurrection: do not dispute concerning (that) resurrection.
  • شرط روز بعث اول مردنست  ** زانک بعث از مرده زنده کردنست 
  • The (necessary) condition of (experiencing) the Day of Resurrection is to die first, for (the word) ba‘th (resurrection) is (signifies) “to raise to life from the dead.”
  • جمله عالم زین غلط کردند راه  ** کز عدم ترسند و آن آمد پناه 
  • Hence all the world have taken the wrong way, for they are afraid of nonexistence, though it is (really) the refuge (in which they find salvation).
  • از کجا جوییم علم از ترک علم  ** از کجا جوییم سلم از ترک سلم 
  • Whence shall we seek (true knowledge? From renouncing (our false) knowledge. Whence shall we seek (true) peace? From renouncing peace (with our carnal selves).
  • از کجا جوییم هست از ترک هست  ** از کجا جوییم سیب از ترک دست 
  • Whence shall we seek (real) existence? From renouncing (illusory) existence. Whence shall we seek the apple (of Truth)? From renouncing the hand (of self-assertion and self-interest).
  • هم تو تانی کرد یا نعم المعین  ** دیده‌ی معدوم‌بین را هست بین  825
  • O best Helper, only Thou canst make the eye that regards the non-existent to regard that which is (really) existent.
  • دیده‌ای کو از عدم آمد پدید  ** ذات هستی را همه معدوم دید 
  • The eye that was produced from non-existence regarded the Essence of (real) Being as wholly non-existent;
  • این جهان منتظم محشر شود  ** گر دو دیده مبدل و انور شود 
  • (But), if (thy) two eyes are transformed and illumined, this well-ordered world becomes the scene of the Last Judgement.