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  • بهر حق این خلق زرها می‌دهند  ** صد اساس خیر و مسجد می‌نهند 
  • (I reply that) this (Moslem) people are giving (large) sums of gold for God's sake, founding hundreds of pious institutions and mosques,
  • مال و تن در راه حج دوردست  ** خوش همی‌بازند چون عشاق مست 
  • And, like intoxicated lovers, gladly risking their property and lives on their way to (perform) the distant Pilgrimage:
  • هیچ می‌گویند کان خانه تهیست  ** بلک صاحب‌خانه جان مختبیست 
  • Do they ever say, ‘The House (Ka‘ba) is empty’? Nay, (they know that) the Lord of the House is the Spirit invisible.
  • پر همی‌بیند سرای دوست را  ** آنک از نور الهستش ضیا  865
  • He that is illumined by the Light of God deems the House of the Beloved to be full (of Him).
  • بس سرای پر ز جمع و انبهی  ** پیش چشم عاقبت‌بینان تهی 
  • In the eyes of those who see the end, many a palace filled with a crowd and throng (of people) is empty.
  • هر که را خواهی تو در کعبه بجو  ** تا بروید در زمان او پیش رو 
  • Seek in the (spiritual) Ka‘ba whomsoever you please, that he may at once grow (rise into view) before your face.
  • صورتی کو فاخر و عالی بود  ** او ز بیت الله کی خالی بود 
  • How should the form (of the Perfect Man), which is splendid and sublime, (ever) be absent from the House of God?
  • او بود حاضر منزه از رتاج  ** باقی مردم برای احتیاج 
  • He is (always) present (there), exempt from exclusion, (while) the rest of mankind (are there only) on account of (their occasional) need.
  • هیچ می‌گویند کین لبیکها  ** بی‌ندایی می‌کنیم آخر چرا  870
  • Do they (the pilgrims) ever say, ‘We are crying Labbayka without (receiving) any response. Pray, why (is this)’?
  • بلک توفیقی که لبیک آورد  ** هست هر لحظه ندایی از احد 
  • Nay, the Divine blessing which causes (their cries of) Labbayka is (in truth) a response (coming) from the One (God) at every moment.