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  • گفت من گفتم که عهد آن خسان ** خام باشد خام و سست و نارسان‌‌
  • “I said,” cried the lion, “that the promise of those vile ones would be vain—vain and frail and unfulfilled.
  • دمدمه‌‌ی ایشان مرا از خر فگند ** چند بفریبد مرا این دهر چند
  • Their palaver has duped me: how long will this Time deceive me, how long?”
  • سخت درماند امیر سست ریش ** چون نه پس بیند نه پیش از احمقیش‌‌
  • The prince that hath no strength in his beard is left sorely in the lurch when by reason of his folly he looks neither backwards nor forwards.
  • راه هموار است و زیرش دامها ** قحط معنی در میان نامها 1060
  • The road is smooth, and under it are pitfalls: amidst the names there is a dearth of meaning.
  • لفظها و نامها چون دامهاست ** لفظ شیرین ریگ آب عمر ماست‌‌
  • Words and names are like pitfalls: the sweet (flattering) word is the sand for (the sand that sucks up) the water of our life.
  • آن یکی ریگی که جوشد آب ازو ** سخت کمیاب است رو آن را بجو
  • The one sand whence water gushes is seldom to be found: go, seek it.
  • منبع حکمت شود حکمت طلب ** فارغ آید او ز تحصیل و سبب‌‌
  • He that searches after wisdom becomes a fountain of wisdom; he becomes independent of acquisition and (ways and) means.
  • لوح حافظ لوح محفوظی شود ** عقل او از روح محظوظی شود
  • The guarding tablet becomes a Guarded Tablet; his understanding becomes enriched by the Spirit.
  • چون معلم بود عقلش ز ابتدا ** بعد از این شد عقل شاگردی و را 1065
  • When his understanding has been his teacher at the beginning, after this the understanding becomes his pupil.
  • عقل چون جبریل گوید احمدا ** گر یکی گامی نهم سوزد مرا
  • The understanding says, like Gabriel, “O Ahmad (Mohammed), if I take one (more) step, it will burn me;