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  • شیری اندر راه قصد بنده کرد ** قصد هر دو همره آینده کرد 1170
  • On the road a lion attacked thy humble slave, attacked both the companions in travel who were coming (to thee).
  • گفتمش ما بنده‌‌ی شاهنشه‌‌ایم ** خواجه‌‌تاشان که آن درگه‌‌ایم‌‌
  • I said to him, ‘We are the slaves of the King of kings, the lowly fellow-servants of that (exalted) court.’
  • گفت شاهنشه که باشد شرم دار ** پیش من تو یاد هر ناکس میار
  • He said, ‘The King of kings! Who is he? Be ashamed! Do not make mention of every base loon in my presence.
  • هم ترا و هم شهت را بر درم ** گر تو با یارت بگردید از درم‌‌
  • Both thee and thy king I will tear to pieces, if thou and thy friend turn back from my door.’
  • گفتمش بگذار تا بار دگر ** روی شه بینم برم از تو خبر
  • I said to him, ‘Let me behold once more the face of the king and bear the news of thee (to him).’
  • گفت همره را گرو نه پیش من ** ور نه قربانی تو اندر کیش من‌‌ 1175
  • He said, ‘Place thy comrade with me (in my keeping) as a pledge; otherwise, thou art a sacrifice (thy life is forfeit) according to my law.’
  • لابه کردیمش بسی سودی نکرد ** یار من بستد مرا بگذاشت فرد
  • We entreated him much: it was no use. He seized my friend and left me to go alone.
  • یارم از زفتی دو چندان بد که من ** هم به لطف و هم به خوبی هم به تن‌‌
  • My friend, from his plumpness, made two of me both in comeliness and beauty and (size of) body.
  • بعد از این ز آن شیر این ره بسته شد ** رشته‌‌ی ایمان ما بگسسته شد
  • Henceforth this road is barred by that lion: this is what happened to me, and it has been told to thee (just as it happened).
  • از وظیفه بعد از این اومید بر ** حق همی‌‌گویم ترا و الحق مر
  • Cut off (abandon) hope of the allowance henceforth; I am telling thee the truth, and truth is bitter.