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  • گر وظیفه بایدت ره پاک کن ** هین بیا و دفع آن بی‌‌باک کن‌‌ 1180
  • If thou want the allowance, clear the way! hey, come on and repel that irreverent one!”
  • جواب گفتن شیر خرگوش را و روان شدن با او
  • How the lion answered the hare and set off with him.
  • گفت بسم الله بیا تا او کجاست ** پیش در شو گر همی‌‌گویی تو راست‌‌
  • “Come on in God's name,” said he, “let me see where he is! Go thou in front, if thou art speaking truth,
  • تا سزای او و صد چون او دهم ** ور دروغ است این سزای تو دهم‌‌
  • That I may give him and a hundred like him the punishment they deserve, or if this is a lie, that I may give thy deserts to thee.”
  • اندر آمد چون قلاووزی به پیش ** تا برد او را به سوی دام خویش‌‌
  • The hare set out on the way, (going) in front like a guide, that he might lead him towards his snare,
  • سوی چاهی کاو نشانش کرده بود ** چاه مغ را دام جانش کرده بود
  • Towards the well which he had designated: he had made the deep well a snare for his (the lion's) life.
  • می‌‌شدند این هر دو تا نزدیک چاه ** اینت خرگوشی چو آبی زیر کاه‌‌ 1185
  • (Thus) were these twain going till (they arrived) near the well. Look, you, (this was) a hare (deceitful) as a (pool of) water (hidden) under straw.
  • آب کاهی را به هامون می‌‌برد ** آب کوهی را عجب چون می‌‌برد
  • The water bears a blade of straw (down) to the plain: 'tis wonderful how the water bear away a mountain.
  • دام مکر او کمند شیر بود ** طرفه خرگوشی که شیری می‌‌ربود
  • The snare of his (the hare's) guile was a noose for the lion: a marvellous hare (he), who was carrying off a lion (as his prey)!
  • موسیی فرعون را با رود نیل ** می‌‌کشد با لشکر و جمع ثقیل‌‌
  • A Moses kills Pharaoh, with his army and mighty host, by means of the river Nile;
  • پشه‌‌ای نمرود را با نیم پر ** می‌‌شکافد بی‌‌محابا درز سر
  • A single gnat with half a wing cleaves intrepidly the suture of Nimrod's skull.