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  • بی‌‌طلب تو این طلب‌‌مان داده‌‌ای ** گنج احسان بر همه بگشاده‌‌ای‌‌
  • Without (our) seeking Thou hast given us this search, Thou hast opened to all the treasure of (Thy) beneficence.
  • مژده بردن خرگوش سوی نخجیران که شیر در چاه افتاد
  • How the hare brought to the beasts of chase the news that the lion had fallen into the well.
  • چون که خرگوش از رهایی شاد گشت ** سوی نخجیران دوان شد تا به دشت‌‌
  • When the hare was gladdened by deliverance (from the lion), he began to run towards the beasts until (he came to) the desert.
  • شیر را چون دید در چه کشته زار ** چرخ می‌‌زد شادمان تا مرغزار 1340
  • Having seen the lion miserably slain in the well, he was skipping joyously all the way to the meadow,
  • دست می‌‌زد چون رهید از دست مرگ ** سبز و رقصان در هوا چون شاخ و برگ‌‌
  • Clapping his hands because he had escaped from the hand of Death; fresh and dancing in the air, like bough and leaf.
  • شاخ و برگ از حبس خاک آزاد شد ** سر بر آورد و حریف باد شد
  • Bough and leaf were set free from the prison of earth, lifted their heads, and became comrades of the wind;
  • برگها چون شاخ را بشکافتند ** تا به بالای درخت اشتافتند
  • The leaves, when they had burst (forth from) the bough, made haste to reach the top of the tree;
  • با زبان شطاه شکر خدا ** می‌‌سراید هر بر و برگی جدا
  • With the tongue of (seed that put forth) its sprouts each fruit and tree severally is singing thanks to God,
  • که بپرورد اصل ما را ذو العطا ** تا درخت استغلظ آمد و استوی‌‌ 1345
  • Saying, “The Bounteous Giver nourished our root until the tree grew big and stood upright.”
  • جانهای بسته اندر آب و گل ** چون رهند از آب و گلها شاد دل‌‌
  • (Even so) the spirits bound in clay, when they escape glad at heart from their (prisons of) clay,
  • در هوای عشق حق رقصان شوند ** همچو قرص بدر بی‌‌نقصان شوند
  • Begin to dance in the air of Divine Love and become flawless like the full moon's orb,