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  • چون که جزو دوزخ است این نفس ما ** طبع کل دارد همیشه جزوها
  • Inasmuch as this self of ours is a part of Hell, and the parts always have the nature of the whole,
  • این قدم حق را بود کاو را کشد ** غیر حق خود کی کمان او کشد
  • To God (alone) belongs this foot (power) to kill it: who, indeed, but God should draw its bow (vanquish it)?
  • در کمان ننهند الا تیر راست ** این کمان را باژگون کژ تیرهاست‌‌
  • Only the straight arrow is put on the bow, (but) this bow (of the self) has (its) arrows bent back and crooked.
  • راست شو چون تیر و واره از کمان ** کز کمان هر راست بجهد بی‌‌گمان‌‌ 1385
  • Be straight, like an arrow, and escape from the bow, for without doubt every straight (arrow) will fly from the bow (to its mark).
  • چون که واگشتم ز پیکار برون ** روی آوردم به پیکار درون‌‌
  • When I turned back from the outer warfare, I set my face towards the inner warfare.
  • قد رجعنا من جهاد الاصغریم ** با نبی اندر جهاد اکبریم‌‌
  • We have returned from the lesser Jihád, we are engaged along with the Prophet in the greater Jihád.
  • قوت از حق خواهم و توفیق و لاف ** تا به سوزن بر کنم این کوه قاف‌‌
  • I pray God to grant me strength and aid and (the right of) boasting, that I may root up with a needle this mountain of Qáf.
  • سهل شیری دان که صفها بشکند ** شیر آن است آن که خود را بشکند
  • Deem of small account the lion (champion) who breaks the ranks (of the enemy): the (true) lion is he that breaks (conquers) himself.
  • آمدن رسول روم تا نزد عمر و دیدن او کرامات عمر را
  • How the ambassador of Rúm came to the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, and witnessed the gifts of grace with which ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, was endowed.
  • تا عمر آمد ز قیصر یک رسول ** در مدینه از بیابان نغول‌‌ 1390
  • To ‘Umar in Medina there came through the wide desert an ambassador from the Emperor of Rúm.
  • گفت کو قصر خلیفه ای حشم ** تا من اسب و رخت را آن جا کشم‌‌
  • He said, “O ye attendants, where is the palace of the Caliph, that I may take thither my horse and baggage?”