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  • سهل شیری دان که صفها بشکند ** شیر آن است آن که خود را بشکند
  • Deem of small account the lion (champion) who breaks the ranks (of the enemy): the (true) lion is he that breaks (conquers) himself.
  • آمدن رسول روم تا نزد عمر و دیدن او کرامات عمر را
  • How the ambassador of Rúm came to the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, and witnessed the gifts of grace with which ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, was endowed.
  • تا عمر آمد ز قیصر یک رسول ** در مدینه از بیابان نغول‌‌ 1390
  • To ‘Umar in Medina there came through the wide desert an ambassador from the Emperor of Rúm.
  • گفت کو قصر خلیفه ای حشم ** تا من اسب و رخت را آن جا کشم‌‌
  • He said, “O ye attendants, where is the palace of the Caliph, that I may take thither my horse and baggage?”
  • قوم گفتندش که او را قصر نیست ** مر عمر را قصر، جان روشنی است‌‌
  • The folk said to him, “He has no palace: ‘Umar's (only) palace is an illumined spirit.
  • گر چه از میری و را آوازه‌‌ای است ** همچو درویشان مر او را کازه‌‌ای است‌‌
  • Though he has a (great) renown from being Commander (of the Faithful), he has (no dwelling except) a hut, like the poor.
  • ای برادر چون ببینی قصر او ** چون که در چشم دلت رسته ست مو
  • O brother, how wilt thou behold his palace, when hair has grown in the eye of thy heart?
  • چشم دل از مو و علت پاک آر ** و آن گهان دیدار قصرش چشم دار 1395
  • Purge thy heart's eye of hair and defect, and then hope to behold his palace.
  • هر که را هست از هوسها جان پاک ** زود بیند حضرت و ایوان پاک‌‌
  • Whoever hath a spirit purged of (sensual) desires will at once behold the Presence and the Holy Porch.
  • چون محمد پاک شد زین نار و دود ** هر کجا رو کرد وجه الله بود
  • When Mohammed was purged of this fire and smoke (of human passions), wheresoever he turned his face, was the Face of Allah.
  • چون رفیقی وسوسه‌‌ی بد خواه را ** کی بدانی ثم وجه الله را
  • Inasmuch as thou art a friend to the evil suggestions of the malign one (Satan), how wilt thou know (the true meaning of) There is the Face of Allah?