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  • قوت جان است این ای راست خوان ** تا چه باشد قوت آن جان جان‌‌
  • O thou who readest aright, such is the power of the soul: what, then, must be the power of that Soul of soul?
  • گوشت پاره‌‌ی آدمی با عقل و جان ** می‌‌شکافد کوه را با بحر و کان‌‌
  • The piece of flesh which is Man, endowed with intelligence and soul, cleaves the mountain by means of water-channel and mine.
  • زور جان کوه کن شق حجر ** زور جان جان در انشق القمر
  • The strength of the mountain-riving soul is (shown in) the splitting of rocks; the strength of the Soul of soul in the moon was split asunder.
  • گر گشاید دل سر انبان راز ** جان به سوی عرش سازد ترک تاز
  • If the heart should open the lid of the wallet of (this) mystery, the soul would rush (in rapture) towards the highest heaven.
  • اضافت کردن آدم آن زلت را به خویشتن که ربنا ظلمناو اضافت کردن ابلیس گناه خود را به خدا که بما أغويتنی
  • How Adam imputed that fault (which he had committed) to himself, saying, “O Lord, we have done wrong,” and how Iblís imputed his own sin to God, saying, “Because Thou hast seduced me.”
  • کرد حق و کرد ما هر دو ببین ** کرد ما را هست دان پیداست این‌‌ 1480
  • Consider both the action of God and our action. Regard our action as existent. This is manifest.
  • گر نباشد فعل خلق اندر میان ** پس مگو کس را چرا کردی چنان‌‌
  • If the action of created beings be not in the midst (obviously existent), then say not to any one, “Why have you acted thus?
  • خلق حق افعال ما را موجد است ** فعل ما آثار خلق ایزد است‌‌
  • The creative act of God brings our actions into existence: our actions are the effects of the creative act of God.
  • ناطقی یا حرف بیند یا غرض ** کی شود یک دم محیط دو عرض‌‌
  • A speaker perceives either the letter (the literal form and articulation of his speech) or the purport (the meaning and intention of it): how should he comprehend two accidents (both the form and the meaning) at once?
  • گر به معنی رفت شد غافل ز حرف ** پیش و پس یک دم نبیند هیچ طرف‌‌
  • If he goes (turns his mind) to the spirit, he becomes unheedful of the letter: no eye sees forward and backward at the same moment.
  • آن زمان که پیش بینی آن زمان ** تو پس خود کی ببینی این بدان‌‌ 1485
  • At the time when you look in front, how at the same time can you look behind you? Recognise this.