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  • معنی اندر شعر جز با خبط نیست ** چون قلاسنگ است اندر ضبط نیست‌‌
  • The meaning in poetry has no sureness of direction: it is like the sling, it is not under control.
  • در معنی آن که من أراد أن یجلس مع الله فلیجلس مع أهل التصوف‌‌
  • On the inner sense of “Let him who desires to sit with God sit with the Súfís.”
  • آن رسول از خود بشد زین یک دو جام ** نه رسالت یاد ماندش نه پیام‌‌
  • The ambassador became beside himself from these one or two cups (of spiritual discourse): neither embassage nor message remained in his memory.
  • واله اندر قدرت الله شد ** آن رسول اینجا رسید و شاه شد 1530
  • He became distraught at the power of God. The ambassador arrived at this place (state) and became a king.
  • سیل چون آمد به دریا بحر گشت ** دانه چون آمد به مزرع گشت کشت‌‌
  • When the torrent reached the sea, it became the sea; when the seed reached the cornland, it became the crop of corn.
  • چون تعلق یافت نان با بو البشر ** نان مرده زنده گشت و با خبر
  • When the bread attained to connexion with Man, the dead bread became living and endowed with knowledge.
  • موم و هیزم چون فدای نار شد ** ذات ظلمانی او انوار شد
  • When the wax and firewood were devoted to the fire, their dark essence became (filled with) light.
  • سنگ سرمه چون که شد در دیده‌‌گان ** گشت بینایی شد آن جا دیدبان‌‌
  • When the (powdered) stone of antimony went into the eyes, it turned to sight and there became a scout (one who observes the enemy from some point of vantage).
  • ای خنک آن مرد کز خود رسته شد ** در وجود زنده‌‌ای پیوسته شد 1535
  • Oh, happy is the man who was freed from himself and united with the existence of a living one!
  • وای آن زنده که با مرده نشست ** مرده گشت و زندگی از وی بجست‌‌
  • Alas for the living one who consorted with the dead! He became dead, and life sped away from him.
  • چون تو در قرآن حق بگریختی ** با روان انبیا آمیختی‌‌
  • When you have fled (for refuge) to the Qur’án of God, you have mingled with the spirit of the prophets.