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  • عاشق کل است و خود کل است او ** عاشق خویش است و عشق خویش جو
  • He is a lover of the Universal, and he himself is the Universal: he is in love with himself and seeking his own love.”’”
  • صفت اجنحه‌‌ی طیور عقول الهی‌‌
  • Description of the wings of the birds that are Divine Intelligences.
  • قصه‌‌ی طوطی جان زین سان بود ** کو کسی کو محرم مرغان بود 1575
  • Such-like is the tale of the parrot which is the soul: where is that one who is the confidant of (the spiritual) birds?
  • کو یکی مرغی ضعیفی بی‌‌گناه ** و اندرون او سلیمان با سپاه‌‌
  • Where is a bird, weak and innocent, and within him Solomon with (all) his host?
  • چون بنالد زار بی‌‌شکر و گله ** افتد اندر هفت گردون غلغله‌‌
  • When he moans bitterly, without thanksgiving or complaint, a noise of tumult falls on (arises in) the Seven Spheres (of Heaven).
  • هر دمش صد نامه صد پیک از خدا ** یا ربی زو شصت لبیک از خدا
  • At every moment (there come) to him from God a hundred missives, a hundred couriers: from him one (cry of) “O my Lord!” and from God a hundred (cries of) “Labbayka” (“Here am I”).
  • زلت او به ز طاعت نزد حق ** پیش کفرش جمله ایمانها خلق‌‌
  • In the sight of God his backsliding is better than obedience; beside his infidelity all faiths are tattered (worthless).
  • هر دمی او را یکی معراج خاص ** بر سر تاجش نهد صد تاج خاص‌‌ 1580
  • Every moment he hath an ascension (to God) peculiar to himself: He (God) lays upon his crown a hundred peculiar crowns.
  • صورتش بر خاک و جان بر لامکان ** لامکانی فوق وهم سالکان‌‌
  • His form is on earth and his spirit in “no-place,” a “no-place” beyond the imagination of travellers (on the mystic Way):
  • لامکانی نه که در فهم آیدت ** هر دمی در وی خیالی زایدت‌‌
  • Not such a “no-place” that it should come into thy understanding (or that) a fancy about it should be born in thee every moment;
  • بل مکان و لامکان در حکم او ** همچو در حکم بهشتی چارجو
  • Nay, place and “no-place” are in his control, just as the four (Paradisal) rivers are in the control of one who dwells in Paradise.