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  • تو مگو ما را بدان شه بار نیست ** با کریمان کارها دشوار نیست‌‌
  • Do not say, “We have no admission to that King.” Dealings with the generous are not difficult.
  • بیان آن که کشتن و زهر دادن مرد زرگر به اشارت الهی بود نه به هوای نفس و تامل فاسد
  • Setting forth how the slaying and poisoning of the goldsmith was (prompted) by Divine suggestion, not by sensual desire and wicked meditation.
  • کشتن آن مرد بر دست حکیم ** نی پی اومید بود و نی ز بیم‌‌
  • The slaying of that man by the hand of the physician was not (done) on account of hope or fear.
  • او نکشتش از برای طبع شاه ** تا نیامد امر و الهام اله‌‌
  • He did not slay him to humour the king, (he did not slay him) until the Divine command and inspiration came.
  • آن پسر را کش خضر ببرید حلق ** سر آن را درنیابد عام خلق‌‌
  • As for the boy whose throat was cut by Khadir, the vulgar do not comprehend the mystery thereof.
  • آن که از حق یابد او وحی و جواب ** هر چه فرماید بود عین صواب‌‌ 225
  • He that receives from God inspiration and answer (to his prayer), whatsoever he may command is the essence of right.
  • آن که جان بخشد اگر بکشد رواست ** نایب است و دست او دست خداست‌‌
  • If one who bestows (spiritual) life should slay, it is allowable: he is the (Divine) vicegerent, and his hand is the hand of God.
  • همچو اسماعیل پیشش سر بنه ** شاد و خندان پیش تیغش جان بده‌‌
  • Like Ismá‘íl (Ishmael), lay your head before him; gladly and laughingly give up your soul before his dagger,
  • تا بماند جانت خندان تا ابد ** همچو جان پاک احمد با احد
  • In order that your soul may remain laughing unto eternity, like the pure soul of Ahmad (Mohammed) with the One (God).
  • عاشقان جام فرح آن گه کشند ** که به دست خویش خوبانشان کشند
  • Lovers drain the cup of (spiritual) life at the moment when the fair ones slay them with their own hand.
  • شاه آن خون از پی شهوت نکرد ** تو رها کن بد گمانی و نبرد 230
  • The king did not commit that bloodshed because of lust: cease from thinking evil and disputing.