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  • در وجود آدمی جان و روان ** می‌‌رسد از غیب چون آب روان‌‌
  • Soul and spirit are coming from the Unseen into human existence, like running water.
  • تفسیر دعای آن دو فرشته که هر روز بر سر هر بازاری منادی می‌‌کنند که اللهم أعط کل منفق خلفا اللهم أعط کل ممسک تلفا و بیان کردن که آن منفق مجاهد راه حق است نه مسرف راه هوا
  • Commentary on the prayer of the two angels who daily make proclamation in every market, saying, “O God, bestow on every liberal one some boon in exchange! O God, bestow on every parsimonious one some bane (in return)”; and an explanation that the liberal one is he that strives earnestly in the Way of God, not he that squanders his wealth in the way of sensuality.
  • گفت پیغمبر که دایم بهر پند ** دو فرشته‌‌ی خوش منادی می‌‌کنند
  • The Prophet said, “For admonishment's sake two goodly angels are always making proclamation,
  • کای خدایا منفقان را سیر دار ** هر درمشان را عوض ده صد هزار
  • Saying, ‘O God, keep the prodigals fully satisfied, give hundred-thousandfold recompense for every dirhem that they spend.
  • ای خدایا ممسکان را در جهان ** تو مده الا زیان اندر زیان‌‌ 2225
  • O God, do not give the niggards in this world anything but loss upon loss!’”
  • ای بسا امساک کز انفاق به ** مال حق را جز به امر حق مده‌‌
  • Oh, (there is) many an act of niggardliness that is better than prodigality: do not bestow what belongs to God except by the command of God,
  • تا عوض یابی تو گنج بی‌‌کران ** تا نباشی از عداد کافران‌‌
  • That thou mayst gain infinite treasure in return, and that thou mayst not be numbered among the infidels
  • کاشتران قربان همی‌‌کردند تا ** چیره گردد تیغشان بر مصطفا
  • Who were offering camels in sacrifice in order that their swords might prevail against Mustafá.
  • امر حق را باز جو از واصلی ** امر حق را در نیابد هر دلی‌‌
  • Endeavour to find out the command of God from one who is united (with God): not every heart understands the command of God,
  • چون غلام یاغیی کاو عدل کرد ** مال شه بر باغیان او بذل کرد 2230
  • As (for example) the slave, the enemy (of God), who did justice (in his own opinion, and) bestowed what belonged to the King upon His enemies who rebelled against Him—
  • در نبی انذار اهل غفلت است ** کان همه انفاقهاشان حسرت است‌‌
  • In the Qur’án there is warning to the heedless that all their spendings are a (cause of) bitter grief to them—