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  • ور نمی‌‌دانی شدن زین آستان ** باری از من گوش کن این داستان‌‌
  • And if you cannot become (one of the frequenters) of this threshold (sublime court), at least hear from me the following tale.
  • قصه‌‌ی خلیفه که در کرم در زمان خود از حاتم طایی گذشته بود و نظیر خود نداشت‌‌
  • The story of the Caliph who in his time surpassed Hátim of Tayyi in generosity and had no rival.
  • یک خلیفه بود در ایام پیش ** کرده حاتم را غلام جود خویش‌‌
  • In former days there was a Caliph who made Hátim the slave of his liberality.
  • رایت اکرام و داد افراشته ** فقر و حاجت از جهان برداشته‌‌ 2245
  • He had raised high the banner of munificence and largesse, he had removed poverty and want from the world.
  • بحر و کان از بخشش‌‌اش صاف آمده ** داد او از قاف تا قاف آمده‌‌
  • (He was) a sea (of bounty), and the pearls (in it) came pure (untarnished) from his munificence: his largesse reached from Qáf to Qáf.
  • در جهان خاک ابر و آب بود ** مظهر بخشایش وهاب بود
  • In this world of dust he was the cloud and the rain: he was the centre wherein the bounty of the Giver of all displayed itself.
  • از عطایش بحر و کان در زلزله ** سوی جودش قافله بر قافله‌‌
  • His gifts caused sea and mine to quake (tremble with shame): caravan on caravan (were hastening) towards his liberality.
  • قبله‌‌ی حاجت در و دروازه‌‌اش ** رفته در عالم به جود آوازه‌‌اش‌‌
  • His gate and portal was the point to which Need turned: the fame of his munificence had gone (far and wide) into the world.
  • هم عجم هم روم هم ترک و عرب ** مانده از جود و سخایش در عجب‌‌ 2250
  • Persians and Greeks, Turcomans and Arabs, were lost in amazement at his liberality and generosity.
  • آب حیوان بود و دریای کرم ** زنده گشته هم عرب زو هم عجم‌‌
  • He was the Water of Life and the Ocean of Bounty: by him both Arabs and foreigners were revived.
  • قصه‌‌ی اعرابی درویش و ماجرای زن با او به سبب قلت و درویشی‌‌
  • Story of the poor Arab of the desert and his wife's altercation with him because of (their) penury and poverty.
  • یک شب اعرابی زنی مر شوی را ** گفت و از حد برد گفت‌‌وگوی را
  • One night a Bedouin woman said to her husband—and she carried (her) talk beyond bounds—