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  • حق بگفته صبر کن بر جورشان ** پندشان ده بس نماند از دورشان‌‌
  • God said (to me), ‘Have patience with their iniquity: give them counsel, not much remains of their (allotted) period.’
  • من بگفته پند شد بند از جفا ** شیر پند از مهر جوشد وز صفا
  • I said, ‘Counsel is barred by ill-treatment: the milk of counsel gushes forth from love and joy.
  • بس که کردید از جفا بر جای من ** شیر پند افسرد در رگهای من‌‌
  • Much ill-treatment have ye bestowed on me, (so that) the milk of counsel is curdled in my veins.’
  • حق مرا گفته ترا لطفی دهم ** بر سر آن زخمها مرهم نهم‌‌ 2550
  • God said to me, ‘I will give thee a boon, I will lay a plaster on those wounds (of thine).’
  • صاف کرده حق دلم را چون سما ** روفته از خاطرم جور شما
  • God made my heart clear as the sky, He swept your oppression out of my mind.
  • در نصیحت من شده بار دگر ** گفته امثال و سخنها چون شکر
  • I went (back) once more to admonition, I spake parables and words (sweet) as sugar,
  • شیر تازه از شکر انگیخته ** شیر و شهدی با سخن آمیخته‌‌
  • I produced fresh milk from the sugar, I mingled milk and honey with my words.
  • در شما چون زهر گشته آن سخن ** ز آن که زهرستان بدید از بیخ و بن‌‌
  • In you those words became like poison, because ye were filled with poison from the root and foundation.
  • چون شوم غمگین که غم شد سر نگون ** غم شما بودید ای قوم حرون‌‌ 2555
  • How should I be grieved that grief is overthrown? Ye were grief (to me), O obstinate people.
  • هیچ کس بر مرگ غم نوحه کند ** ریش سر چون شد کسی مو بر کند
  • Does any one lament the death of grief? Does any one tear out his hair when the sore on his head is removed?”