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  • نعلهای باژگونه ست ای سلیم ** نفرت فرعون می‌‌دان از کلیم‌‌
  • O man of sound heart (mind), ’tis (a case of) reversed shoes: know that Pharaoh's abhorrence (of Moses) was (really) from (caused by) Moses.
  • سبب حرمان اشقیا از دو جهان که خسر الدنیا و الآخرة
  • The reason why the unblest are disappointed of both worlds, (according to the text) “he has lost this life and the life to come.”
  • چون حکیمک اعتقادی کرده است ** کاسمان بیضه زمین چون زرده است‌‌
  • The wretched philosopher being firmly convinced that the sky is an egg and the earth like its yolk,
  • گفت سائل چون بماند این خاکدان ** در میان این محیط آسمان‌‌
  • Some one asked him how this earth remains, in the midst of this surrounding expanse of sky,
  • همچو قندیلی معلق در هوا ** نی به اسفل می‌‌رود نی بر علی‌‌
  • Suspended in the air like a lamp, moving neither to the bottom nor to the top.
  • آن حکیمش گفت کز جذب سما ** از جهات شش بماند اندر هوا 2485
  • The philosopher said to him, “It remains in the air because of the attraction exerted by the sky from (all) six directions.
  • چون ز مغناطیس قبه‌‌ی ریخته ** در میان ماند آهنی آویخته‌‌
  • (The sky is) like a vault moulded (made) of lodestone: (the earth like) a suspended piece of iron remains in the middle.”
  • آن دگر گفت آسمان با صفا ** کی کشد در خود زمین تیره را
  • Said the other, “How should the pure sky draw the dark earth to itself?
  • بلکه دفعش می‌‌کند از شش جهات ** ز آن بماند اندر میان عاصفات‌‌
  • Nay, it is repelling it (the earth) from (all) six directions: hence it (the earth) remains (suspended) amidst the violent winds (currents).”
  • پس ز دفع خاطر اهل کمال ** جان فرعونان بماند اندر ضلال‌‌
  • (Similarly), then, because of the repulsion exerted by the hearts of the perfect (saints), the spirits of Pharaohs remain in perdition.
  • پس ز دفع این جهان و آن جهان ** مانده‌‌اند این بی‌‌رهان بی‌‌این و آن‌‌ 2490
  • Therefore, through being rejected by this world and by that world, these lost ones have been left without either this or that.