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  • و آن که جز این دوست او خود مرده‌‌ای است ** او بر این در نیست نقش پرده‌‌ای است‌‌
  • And every one except those two (types of beggar) is truly a dead man: he is not at this door (the Divine Court), he is (lifeless as) a picture (embroidered) on a curtain.
  • فرق میان آن که درویش است به خدا و تشنه‌‌ی خدا و میان آن که درویش است از خدا و تشنه‌‌ی غیر است‌‌
  • The difference between one that is poor for (desirous of) God and thirsting for Him and one that is poor of (destitute of) God and thirsting for what is other than He.
  • نقش درویش است او نی اهل نان ** نقش سگ را تو مینداز استخوان‌‌
  • He (that seeks other than God) is the (mere) picture of a dervish, he is not worthy of bread (Divine bounty): do not throw a bone to the picture of a dog!
  • فقر لقمه دارد او نی فقر حق ** پیش نقش مرده‌‌ای کم نه طبق‌‌
  • He wants a morsel of food, he does not want God: do not set dishes before a lifeless picture!
  • ماهی خاکی بود درویش نان ** شکل ماهی لیک از دریا رمان‌‌
  • The dervish that wants bread is a land-fish: (he has) the form of a fish, but (he is) fleeing from the sea.
  • مرغ خانه ست او نه سیمرغ هوا ** لوت نوشد او ننوشد از خدا 2755
  • He is a domestic fowl, not the Símurgh of the air: he swallows sweet morsels (of food), he does not eat from God.
  • عاشق حق است او بهر نوال ** نیست جانش عاشق حسن و جمال‌‌
  • He loves God for the sake of gain: his soul is not in love with (God's) excellence and beauty.
  • گر توهم می‌‌کند او عشق ذات ** ذات نبود وهم اسما و صفات‌‌
  • If he conceives that he is in love with the Essence (of God), conception of the (Divine) names and attributes is not the Essence.
  • وهم مخلوق است و مولود آمده ست ** حق نزاییده ست او لم یولد است‌‌
  • Conception is created; it has been begotten: God is not begotten, He is lam yúlad.
  • عاشق تصویر و وهم خویشتن ** کی بود از عاشقان ذو المنن‌‌
  • How should he that is in love with his own imagination and conception be one of them that love the Lord of bounties?
  • عاشق آن وهم اگر صادق بود ** آن مجاز او حقیقت کش شود 2760
  • If the lover of that (false) conception be sincere, that metaphor (unreal judgement) will lead him to the reality.