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  • ز آن که با جامه درون سو راه نیست ** تن ز جان جامه ز تن آگاه نیست‌‌
  • Because, with your clothes, there is no way (of getting) inside: the body is ignorant of the soul, the clothes (are ignorant) of the body.
  • پیش آمدن نقیبان و دربانان خلیفه از بهر اکرام اعرابی و پذیرفتن هدیه‌‌ی او را
  • How the Caliph's officers and chamberlains came forward to pay their respects to the Bedouin and to receive his gift.
  • آن عرابی از بیابان بعید ** بر در دار الخلافه چون رسید
  • When the Bedouin arrived from the remote desert to the gate of the Caliph's palace,
  • پس نقیبان پیش او باز آمدند ** بس گلاب لطف بر جیبش زدند
  • The court officers went to meet him: they sprinkled much rose-water of graciousness on his bosom.
  • حاجت او فهمشان شد بی‌‌مقال ** کار ایشان بد عطا پیش از سؤال‌‌ 2775
  • Without speech (on his part) they perceived what he wanted: it was their practice to give before being asked.
  • پس بدو گفتند یا وجه العرب ** از کجایی چونی از راه و تعب‌‌
  • Then they said to him, “O chief of the Arabs, whence dost thou come? How art thou after the journey and fatigue?”
  • گفت وجهم گر مرا وجهی دهید ** بی‌‌وجوهم چون پس پشتم نهید
  • He said, “I am a chief, if ye give me any countenance (favour); I am without means (of winning respect) when ye put me behind your backs.
  • ای که در روتان نشان مهتری ** فرتان خوشتر ز زر جعفری‌‌
  • O ye in whose faces are the marks of eminence, O ye whose splendour is more pleasing than the gold of Ja‘far,
  • ای که یک دیدارتان دیدارها ** ای نثار دینتان دینارها
  • O ye, one sight of whom is (worth many) sights, O ye on whose religion pieces of gold are scattered (as largesse),
  • ای همه ینظر بنور الله شده ** از بر حق بهر بخشش آمده‌‌ 2780
  • O ye, all of whom have become seeing by the light of God, who have come from the King for the sake of munificence,
  • تا زنید آن کیمیاهای نظر ** بر سر مسهای اشخاص بشر
  • That ye may cast the elixir of your looks upon the copper of human individuals,