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  • ور بننهد دیگران از حال او ** عبرتی گیرند از اضلال او
  • And if he do not put it off, others will take warning from what befell him in consequence of his being misguided.
  • تهدید کردن نوح علیه السلام مر قوم را که با من مپیچید که من رو پوشم در میان پس به حقیقت با خدای می‌‌پیچید ای مخذولان‌‌
  • How Noah, on whom be peace, threatened his people, saying, “Do not struggle with me, for I am (only) a veil: ye are really struggling with God (who is) within this (veil), O God-forsaken men!”
  • گفت نوح ای سرکشان من من نی‌‌ام ** من ز جان مرده به جانان می‌‌زی‌‌ام‌‌
  • Noah said, “O ye headstrong ones, I am not I: I am dead to the (animal) soul, I am living through the Soul of souls.
  • چون بمردم از حواس بو البشر ** حق مرا شد سمع و ادراک و بصر 3125
  • Inasmuch as I am dead to the senses of the father of mankind (human sense perceptions), God has become my hearing and perception and sight.
  • چون که من من نیستم این دم ز هوست ** پیش این دم هر که دم زد کافر اوست‌‌
  • Since I am not I, this breath (of mine) is from Him: in the presence of this breath if any one breathes (a word) he is an infidel.”
  • هست اندر نقش این روباه شیر ** سوی این روبه نشاید شد دلیر
  • In the form of this fox there is the lion: ’tis not fitting to advance boldly towards this fox.
  • گر ز روی صورتش می‌‌نگروی ** غره‌‌ی شیران از او می‌‌نشنوی‌‌
  • Unless thou believe in him from his exterior aspect (accept him in the form in which he appears), thou wilt not hear from him the lions' roar.
  • گر نبودی نوح را از حق یدی ** پس جهانی را چرا بر هم زدی‌‌
  • Unless Noah had had a hand (a powerful aid) from God, why should he have cast a whole world into confusion?
  • صد هزاران شیر بود او در تنی ** او چو آتش بود و عالم خرمنی‌‌ 3130
  • He was hundreds of thousands of lions in a single body; he was like fire, and the world (like) a stack.
  • چون که خرمن پاس عشر او نداشت ** او چنان شعله بر آن خرمن گماشت‌‌
  • Forasmuch as the stack neglected (to pay) the tithe due to him, he launched such a flame against that stack.
  • هر که او در پیش این شیر نهان ** بی‌‌ادب چون گرگ بگشاید دهان‌‌
  • Whosoever in the presence of this hidden Lion opens his mouth disrespectfully, like the wolf,