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  • چون شود جانش محک نقدها ** پس ببیند قلب را و قلب را
  • When his soul becomes the touchstone of the coin, then he will see (distinguish) the (true) heart and the false money (of hypocrisy).
  • نشاندن پادشاهان صوفیان عارف را پیش روی خویش تا چشمشان بدیشان روشن شود
  • How kings seat in front of them the Súfís who know God, in order that their eyes may be illumined by (seeing) them.
  • پادشاهان را چنان عادت بود ** این شنیده باشی ار یادت بود 3150
  • Such is the custom of kings: you will have heard of this, if you remember.
  • دست چپشان پهلوانان ایستند ** ز آنکه دل پهلوی چپ باشد ببند
  • The paladins stand on their left hand, because the heart (the seat of courage) is fixed on the left side (of the body).
  • مشرف و اهل قلم بر دست راست ** ز آن که علم و خط و ثبت آن دست راست‌‌
  • On the right hand are the chancellor and the secretaries, because the science of writing and book-keeping belongs (in practice) to that hand.
  • صوفیان را پیش رو موضع دهند ** کاینه‌‌ی جان‌‌اند و ز آیینه بهند
  • They give the Súfís the place in front of their countenance, for they (the Súfís) are a mirror for the soul, and better than a mirror,
  • سینه صیقلها زده در ذکر و فکر ** تا پذیرد آینه‌‌ی دل نقش بکر
  • (Since) they have polished their breasts (hearts) in commemoration (of God) and meditation, that the heart's mirror may receive the virgin (original) image.
  • هر که او از صلب فطرت خوب زاد ** آینه در پیش او باید نهاد 3155
  • Whoever is born beautiful from the loins of Creation, a mirror must be placed before him.
  • عاشق آیینه باشد روی خوب ** صیقل جان آمد و تقوی القلوب‌‌
  • The beauteous face is in love with the mirror: it (such a face) is a polisher of the soul and (a kindler) of the fear of God in (men's) hearts.
  • آمدن مهمان پیش یوسف علیه السلام و تقاضا کردن یوسف از او تحفه و ارمغان‌‌
  • How the guest came to Joseph, on whom be peace, and how Joseph demanded of him a gift and present on his return from abroad.
  • آمد از آفاق یار مهربان ** یوسف صدیق را شد میهمان‌‌
  • The loving friend came from the ends of the earth and became the guest of Joseph the truthful,
  • کآشنا بودند وقت کودکی ** بر وساده‌‌ی آشنایی متکی‌‌
  • For they had been well acquainted in childhood, reclining (together) on the pillow of acquaintance.