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  • هین ز مرهم سر مکش ای پشت ریش ** و آن ز پرتو دان مدان از اصل خویش‌‌
  • Beware! Do not (scornfully) turn your head away from the plaster, O you who are wounded in the back, but recognise that that (healing of the wound) proceeds from the ray: do not regard it as (proceeding) from your own constitution.
  • مرتد شدن کاتب وحی به سبب آن که پرتو وحی بر او زد آن آیت را پیش از پیغامبر صلی الله علیه و اله بخواند گفت پس من هم محل وحیم‌‌
  • How the writer of the (Qur’ánic) Revelation fell into apostasy because (when) the ray of the Revelation shot upon him, he recited the (revealed) verse before the Prophet, on whom be peace, (had dictated it to him); then he said, “So I too am one upon whom Revelation has descended.”
  • پیش از عثمان یکی نساخ بود ** کاو به نسخ وحی جدی می‌‌نمود
  • Before (the time of) ‘Uthmán there was a scribe who used to be diligent in writing down the Revelation.
  • چون نبی از وحی فرمودی سبق ** او همان را وانبشتی بر ورق‌‌
  • Whenever the Prophet dictated the Revelation, he would write out the same (portion) on the leaf.
  • پرتو آن وحی بر وی تافتی ** او درون خویش حکمت یافتی‌‌ 3230
  • The beams of that Revelation would shine upon him, and he would find Wisdom within him.
  • عین آن حکمت بفرمودی رسول ** زین قدر گمراه شد آن بو الفضول‌‌
  • The substance of that Wisdom was dictated by the Prophet: by this (small) amount (of reflected Wisdom) that meddling fool was led astray,
  • کانچه می‌‌گوید رسول مستنیر ** مر مرا هست آن حقیقت در ضمیر
  • Thinking, “I have in my conscience the Truth of that which the illumined Prophet is saying.”
  • پرتو اندیشه‌‌اش زد بر رسول ** قهر حق آورد بر جانش نزول‌‌
  • The ray of his thought struck the Prophet: the wrath of God descended on his (the scribe's) soul.
  • هم ز نساخی بر آمد هم ز دین ** شد عدوی مصطفی و دین به کین‌‌
  • He abandoned both his work as a scribe and the Religion (Islam): he became the malignant foe of Mustafá (Mohammed) and the Religion.
  • مصطفی فرمود کای گبر عنود ** چون سیه گشتی اگر نور از تو بود 3235
  • Mustafá said, “O obstinate miscreant, if the Light was from thee, how shouldst thou have become black (with sin)?
  • گر تو ینبوع الهی بودیی ** این چنین آب سیه نگشودیی‌‌
  • If thou hadst been the Divine fountain (whence the Revelation issued), thou wouldst not have let out such black water as this.”