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  • گفت خلقان چون ببینند آسمان ** من ببینم عرش را با عرشیان‌‌
  • Zayd said, “When (other) people see the sky, I behold the Throne of God with those who dwell there.
  • هشت جنت هفت دوزخ پیش من ** هست پیدا همچو بت پیش شمن‌‌
  • The Eight Paradises and the Seven Hells are as visible to me as the idol to the idolater.
  • یک به یک وامی‌‌شناسم خلق را ** همچو گندم من ز جو در آسیا
  • I am distinguishing the people (here), one by one, like wheat from barley in the mill,
  • که بهشتی کیست و بیگانه کی است ** پیش من پیدا چو مار و ماهی است‌‌ 3510
  • So that who is for Paradise and who shall be a stranger (to Paradise) is as clear to me as (the difference between) snake and fish.”
  • این زمان پیدا شده بر این گروه ** یوم تبیض و تسود وجوه‌‌
  • At the present time there hath been made manifest to this (illumined) class of men (what shall come to pass) on the Day when faces shall become white or black.
  • پیش از این هر چند جان پر عیب بود ** در رحم بود و ز خلقان غیب بود
  • Before this (birth), however sinful the spirit was, it was in the womb (of the body) and was hidden from the people.
  • الشقی من شقی فی بطن الام ** من سمات الجسم یعرف حالهم‌‌
  • The damned are they that are damned in the mother's womb: their state is known from the bodily marks.
  • تن چو مادر طفل جان را حامله ** مرگ درد زادن است و زلزله‌‌
  • The body, like a mother, is big with the spirit-child: death is the pangs and throes of birth.
  • جمله جانهای گذشته منتظر ** تا چگونه زاید آن جان بطر 3515
  • All the spirits that have passed over (to the next life) are waiting to see in what state that proud spirit shall be born.
  • زنگیان گویند خود از ماست او ** رومیان گویند بس زیباست او
  • The Ethiopians (the damned spirits) say, “It belongs to us”; the Anatolians (the blessed spirits) say, “It is very comely.”