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  • مکر خود را گر تو انکار آوری ** از ترازو و آینه کی جان بری‌‌
  • And if thou art denying thy deceit, how wilt thou save thy soul from the scales and the  mirror?
  • متهم کردن غلامان و خواجه‌‌تاشان مر لقمان را که آن میوه‌‌های ترونده که می‌‌آوردیم او خورده است‌‌
  • How suspicion was thrown upon Luqmán by the slaves and fellow-servants who said that he had eaten the fresh fruit which they were bringing (to their master).
  • بود لقمان پیش خواجه‌‌ی خویشتن ** در میان بندگانش خوار تن‌‌
  • In the eyes of his master, amongst (in comparison with) the (other) slaves, Luqmán was despicable on account of his body (outward aspect).
  • می‌‌فرستاد او غلامان را به باغ ** تا که میوه آیدش بهر فراغ‌‌ 3585
  • He (the master) used to send the slaves to the garden, that fruit might come (be brought to him) for his pleasure.
  • بود لقمان در غلامان چون طفیل ** پر معانی تیره صورت همچو لیل‌‌
  • Amongst the slaves Luqmán was (despised) like a parasite; (he was) full of (spiritual) ideas, dark-complexioned as night.
  • آن غلامان میوه‌‌های جمع را ** خوش بخوردند از نهیب طمع را
  • Those slaves, being impelled by greed, ate the whole of the fruit with enjoyment,
  • خواجه را گفتند لقمان خورد آن ** خواجه بر لقمان ترش گشت و گران‌‌
  • And told their master that Luqmán had eaten it, (whereupon) the master became bitter and sorely displeased with Luqmán.
  • چون تفحص کرد لقمان از سبب ** در عتاب خواجه‌‌اش بگشاد لب‌‌
  • When Luqmán inquired (and ascertained) the cause (of this), he opened his lips to reproach his master.
  • گفت لقمان سیدا پیش خدا ** بنده‌‌ی خاین نباشد مرتضا 3590
  • “O sire,” said Luqmán, “an unfaithful servant is not approved in the sight of God.
  • امتحان کن جمله‌‌مان را ای کریم ** سیرمان در ده تو از آب حمیم‌‌
  • Put us all to the test, O noble sir: give us our fill of hot water (to drink),
  • بعد از آن ما را به صحرایی کلان ** تو سواره ما پیاده می‌‌دوان‌‌
  • And afterwards make us run into a great plain, thou being mounted and we on foot.