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  • تیر اندازد به سوی سایه او ** ترکشش خالی شود از جستجو 420
  • He shoots arrows at the shadow; his quiver is emptied in seeking (to shoot it):
  • ترکش عمرش تهی شد عمر رفت ** از دویدن در شکار سایه تفت‌‌
  • The quiver of his life became empty: his life passed in running hotly in chase of the shadow.
  • سایه‌‌ی یزدان چو باشد دایه‌‌اش ** وارهاند از خیال و سایه‌‌اش‌‌
  • (But) when the shadow of God is his nurse, it delivers him from (every) phantom and shadow.
  • سایه‌‌ی یزدان بود بنده‌‌ی خدا ** مرده او زین عالم و زنده‌‌ی خدا
  • The shadow of God is that servant of God who is dead to this world and living through God.
  • دامن او گیر زودتر بی‌‌گمان ** تا رهی در دامن آخر زمان‌‌
  • Lay hold of his skirt most quickly without misgiving, that you may be saved in the skirt (end) of the last days (of the world).
  • کيف مد الظل نقش اولیاست ** کاو دلیل نور خورشید خداست‌‌ 425
  • (The shadow mentioned in the words) How He (God) extended the shadow is the form of the saints, which guides to the light of the Divine Sun.
  • اندر این وادی مرو بی‌‌این دلیل ** لا أحب الآفلین گو چون خلیل‌‌
  • Do not go in this valley without this guide; say, like Khalíl (Abraham), “I love not them that set.”
  • رو ز سایه آفتابی را بیاب ** دامن شه شمس تبریزی بتاب‌‌
  • Go, from the shadow gain a sun: pluck the skirt of the (spiritual) king, Shams-i Tabrízí (the Sun of Tabríz)!
  • ره ندانی جانب این سور و عرس ** از ضیاء الحق حسام الدین بپرس‌‌
  • If you do not know the way to this feast and bridal, ask of Ziyá’u ’l-Haqq (the Radiance of God) Husámu’ddín.
  • ور حسد گیرد ترا در ره گلو ** در حسد ابلیس را باشد غلو
  • And if on the way envy seize you by the throat, it belongs to (is characteristic of) Iblís to go beyond bounds in envy;