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  • در یکی گفته که عجز خود مبین ** کفر نعمت کردن است آن عجز هین‌‌
  • In one he said: “Do not regard your weakness: that weakness is an act of ingratitude. Beware!
  • قدرت خود بین که این قدرت از اوست ** قدرت تو نعمت او دان که هوست‌‌
  • Regard your power, for this power is from Him: know that your power is the gift of Him who is Hú (the Absolute God).”
  • در یکی گفته کز این دو بر گذر ** بت بود هر چه بگنجد در نظر
  • In one he said: “Leave both these (qualities) behind: whatsoever is contained in sight (regard for other than God) is an idol (something which involves dualism).”
  • در یکی گفته مکش این شمع را ** کین نظر چون شمع آمد جمع را 475
  • In one he said: “Do not put out this candle (of sight), for this sight (perception) is like a candle (giving light) to the assembly.
  • از نظر چون بگذری و از خیال ** کشته باشی نیم شب شمع وصال‌‌
  • When you relinquish sight and phantasy (too soon), you will have put out the candle of union at midnight.”
  • در یکی گفته بکش باکی مدار ** تا عوض بینی نظر را صد هزار
  • In one he said: “Put it out—have no fear—that you may see myriads of sights in exchange;
  • که ز کشتن شمع جان افزون شود ** لیلی‌‌ات از صبر تو مجنون شود
  • For by putting it out the candle of the spirit is increased: by your self-denial your Laylá (beloved) becomes your Majnún (lover).
  • ترک دنیا هر که کرد از زهد خویش ** بیش آید پیش او دنیا و پیش‌‌
  • If any one abandons the world by his own (act of) renunciation, the world comes to him (with homage) more and more.”
  • در یکی گفته که آن چه‌‌ت داد حق ** بر تو شیرین کرد در ایجاد حق‌‌ 480
  • In one he said: “That which God hath given you He made sweet to you in (at the time of) bringing it into existence.
  • بر تو آسان کرد و خوش آن را بگیر ** خویشتن را در میفگن در زحیر
  • He made it easy (blessed) to you, and do you take it gladly: do not throw yourself into anguish.”