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  • ور نبودی او کبود از تعزیت ** کی فسردی همچو یخ این ناحیت‌‌ 520
  • And were it not blue from mourning, how would this region (of phenomenal existence) have (remained) frozen like ice?
  • بیان خسارت وزیر در این مکر
  • Setting forth how the vizier incurred perdition (by engaging) in this plot.
  • همچو شه نادان و غافل بد وزیر ** پنجه می‌‌زد با قدیم ناگزیر
  • The vizier was ignorant and heedless, like the (Jewish) king: he was wrestling with the eternal and inevitable,
  • با چنان قادر خدایی کز عدم ** صد چو عالم هست گرداند به دم‌‌
  • With a God so mighty that in a moment He causes a hundred worlds like ours to come into existence from non-existence:
  • صد چو عالم در نظر پیدا کند ** چون که چشمت را به خود بینا کند
  • A hundred worlds like ours He displays to the sight, when He makes your eye seeing by (the light of) Himself.
  • گر جهان پیشت بزرگ و بی‌‌بنی است ** پیش قدرت ذره ای می‌‌دان که نیست‌‌
  • If the world appears to you vast and bottomless, know that to Omnipotence it is not (so much as) an atom.
  • این جهان خود حبس جانهای شماست‌‌ ** هین روید آن سو که صحرای شماست 525
  • This world, indeed, is the prison of your souls: oh, go in yonder direction, for there lies your open country.
  • این جهان محدود و آن خود بی‌‌حد ** استنقش و صورت پیش آن معنی سد است‌‌
  • This world is finite, and truly that (other) is infinite: image and form are a barrier to that Reality.
  • صد هزاران نیزه‌‌ی فرعون را ** در شکست از موسیی با یک عصا
  • The myriads of Pharaoh's lances were shattered by (the hand of) Moses (armed) with a single staff.
  • صد هزاران طب جالینوس بود ** پیش عیسی و دمش افسوس بود
  • Myriads were the therapeutic arts of Galen: before Jesus and his (life-giving) breath they were a laughing-stock.
  • صد هزاران دفتر اشعار بود ** پیش حرف امیی آن عار بود
  • Myriads were the books of (pre-Islamic) poems: at the word of an illiterate (prophet) they were (put to) shame.