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  • با چنین غالب خداوندی کسی ** چون نمیرد گر نباشد او خسی‌‌ 530
  • (Confronted) with such an all-conquering Lord, how should any one not die (to self), unless he be a vile wretch?
  • بس دل چون کوه را انگیخت او ** مرغ زیرک با دو پا آویخت او
  • Many a mind (strong and firm) as a mountain did He uproot; the cunning bird He hung up by its two feet.
  • فهم و خاطر تیز کردن نیست راه ** جز شکسته می‌‌نگیرد فضل شاه‌‌
  • To sharpen the intelligence and wits is not the (right) way: none but the broken (in spirit) wins the favour of the King.
  • ای بسا گنج آگنان کنج کاو ** کان خیال اندیش را شد ریش گاو
  • Oh, many the amassers of treasure, digging holes (in search of treasure), who became an ox's beard (dupe) to that vain schemer (the vizier)!
  • گاو که بود تا تو ریش او شوی ** خاک چه بود تا حشیش او شوی‌‌
  • Who is the ox that you should become his beard? What is earth that you should become its stubble?
  • چون زنی از کار بد شد روی زرد ** مسخ کرد او را خدا و زهره کرد 535
  • When a woman became pale-faced (ashamed) of (her) wickedness, God metamorphosed her and made her Zuhra (the planet Venus).
  • عورتی را زهره کردن مسخ بود ** خاک و گل گشتن نه مسخ است ای عنود
  • To make a woman Zuhra was metamorphosis: is it not metamorphosis to become earth and clay, O contumacious one?
  • روح می‌‌بردت سوی چرخ برین ** سوی آب و گل شدی در اسفلین‌‌
  • Your spirit was bearing you towards the highest sphere (of heaven): you went towards the water and the clay amongst the lowest (of the low).
  • خویشتن را مسخ کردی زین سفول ** ز آن وجودی که بد آن رشک عقول‌‌
  • By this fall you metamorphosed yourself from that (state of) existence which was the envy of the (spiritual) intelligences.
  • پس ببین کین مسخ کردن چون بود ** پیش آن مسخ این به غایت دون بود
  • Consider, then, how is (what is the character of) this metamorphosis: compared with that metamorphosis (of the woman) this (which you have suffered) is exceedingly vile.