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  • کاین چه بد بختی است ما را ای کریم ** از دل و دین مانده ما بی‌‌تو یتیم‌‌
  • Saying, “O noble sir, what a misfortune is this for us! Without thee we are left orphaned (deprived) of our hearts and our religion.
  • تو بهانه می‌‌کنی و ما ز درد ** می‌‌زنیم از سوز دل دمهای سرد
  • Thou art making a pretence while we in grief are heaving cold (fruitless) sighs from the burning heat of our hearts.
  • ما به گفتار خوشت خو کرده‌‌ایم ** ما ز شیر حکمت تو خورده‌‌ایم‌‌ 560
  • We have become accustomed to thy sweet discourse, we have drunk of the milk of thy wisdom.
  • الله الله این جفا با ما مکن ** خیر کن امروز را فردا مکن‌‌
  • Allah! Allah! do not thou (O vizier) treat us with such cruelty: show kindness to-day, do not (put off till) to-morrow.
  • می‌‌دهد دل مر ترا کاین بی‌‌دلان ** بی‌‌تو گردند آخر از بی‌‌حاصلان‌‌
  • Does thy heart give to thee (consent) that these who have lost their hearts (to thee) should at last, being without thee, become (numbered) amongst them that have nothing left?
  • جمله در خشکی چو ماهی می‌‌تپند ** آب را بگشا ز جو بر دار بند
  • They all are writhing like fishes on dry land: let loose the water, remove the dam from the stream.
  • ای که چون تو در زمانه نیست کس ** الله الله خلق را فریاد رس‌‌
  • O thou like whom there is none in the world, for God's sake, for God's sake, come to the aid of thy people!”
  • دفع گفتن وزیر مریدان را
  • How the vizier refused the request of the disciples.
  • گفت هان ای سخرگان گفت‌‌وگو ** وعظ و گفتار زبان و گوش جو 565
  • He said: “Beware, O ye enslaved by words and talk, ye who seek admonition and discourse (conveyed) by the tongue and (through the) ear.
  • پنبه اندر گوش حس دون کنید ** بند حس از چشم خود بیرون کنید
  • Put cotton-wool in the ear of the low (physical) sense, take off the bandage of (that) sense from your eyes!
  • پنبه‌‌ی آن گوش سر گوش سر است ** تا نگردد این کر آن باطن کر است‌‌
  • The ear of the head is the cotton-wool of the ear of the conscience: until the former becomes deaf, that inward (ear) is deaf.