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  • حمله شان پیدا و ناپیداست باد ** آن که ناپیداست هرگز کم مباد
  • Their onward rush is visible, and the wind is unseen: may that which is unseen never fail!
  • باد ما و بود ما از داد تست ** هستی ما جمله از ایجاد تست‌‌ 605
  • Our wind (that whereby we are moved) and our being are of thy gift; our whole existence is from thy bringing (us) into being.
  • لذت هستی نمودی نیست را ** عاشق خود کرده بودی نیست را
  • Thou didst show the delightfulness of Being unto not-being, (after) thou hadst caused not-being to fall in love with thee.
  • لذت انعام خود را وامگیر ** نقل و باده و جام خود را وامگیر
  • Take not away the delightfulness of thy bounty; take not away thy dessert and wine and wine-cup!
  • ور بگیری کیت جستجو کند ** نقش با نقاش چون نیرو کند
  • And if thou take it away, who will make inquiry of thee? How should the picture strive with the painter?
  • منگر اندر ما، مکن در ما نظر ** اندر اکرام و سخای خود نگر
  • Do not look on us, do not fix thy gaze on us: look on thine own kindness and generosity.
  • ما نبودیم و تقاضامان نبود ** لطف تو ناگفته‌‌ی ما می‌‌شنود 610
  • We were not, and there was no demand on our part, (yet) thy grace was hearkening to our unspoken prayer (and calling us into existence).”
  • نقش باشد پیش نقاش و قلم ** عاجز و بسته چو کودک در شکم‌‌
  • Before the painter and the brush the picture is helpless and bound like a child in the womb.
  • پیش قدرت خلق جمله بارگه ** عاجزان چون پیش سوزن کارگه‌‌
  • Before Omnipotence all the people of the (Divine) court of audience (the world) are as helpless as the (embroiderer's) fabric before the needle.
  • گاه نقشش دیو و گه آدم کند ** گاه نقشش شادی و گه غم کند
  • Now He makes the picture thereon (one of) the Devil, now (of) Adam; now He makes the picture thereon (one of) joy, now (one of) grief.