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  • هم مخبط دینشان و حکمشان ** از پی طومارهای کژ بیان‌‌
  • Moreover, their religion and their law became corrupted in consequence of the scrolls which set forth all perversely.
  • نام احمد این چنین یاری کند ** تا که نورش چون نگهداری کند
  • The Name of Ahmad gives such help as this, so that (one may judge) how his Light keeps guard (over his followers).
  • نام احمد چون حصاری شد حصین ** تا چه باشد ذات آن روح الامین‌‌
  • Since the Name of Ahmad became (to the Christians) an impregnable fortress, what then must be the Essence of that trusted Spirit?
  • حکایت پادشاه جهود دیگر که در هلاک دین عیسی سعی نمود
  • The story of another Jewish king who endeavoured to destroy the religion of Jesus.
  • بعد از این خون‌‌ریز درمان‌‌ناپذیر ** کاندر افتاد از بلای آن وزیر
  • After this irremediable bloodshed which befell through the affliction (brought upon the Christians) by the vizier,
  • یک شه دیگر ز نسل آن جهود ** در هلاک قوم عیسی رو نمود 740
  • Another king, of the progeny of that Jew, addressed himself to the destruction of the people of Jesus.
  • گر خبر خواهی از این دیگر خروج ** سوره بر خوان و السما ذات البروج‌‌
  • If you desire information about this second outbreak, read the chapter of the Qur’án (beginning): By Heaven which hath the (zodiacal) signs.
  • سنت بد کز شه اول بزاد ** این شه دیگر قدم بر وی نهاد
  • This second king set foot in the evil way that was originated by the former king.
  • هر که او بنهاد ناخوش سنتی ** سوی او نفرین رود هر ساعتی‌‌
  • Whosoever establishes an evil way (practice), towards him goes malediction every hour.
  • نیکوان رفتند و سنتها بماند ** وز لئیمان ظلم و لعنتها بماند
  • The righteous departed and their ways remained, and from the vile there remained (nothing but) injustice and execrations.
  • تا قیامت هر که جنس آن بدان ** در وجود آید بود رویش بدان‌‌ 745
  • Until the Resurrection, the face of every congener of those wicked men who comes into existence is turned towards that one (who belongs to his own kind).