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  • آب اندر حوض اگر زندانی است ** باد نشفش می‌‌کند کار کانی است‌‌
  • If water is imprisoned in a tank, the wind sucks it up, for it (the wind) is an elemental spirit:
  • می‌‌رهاند می‌‌برد تا معدنش ** اندک اندک تا نبینی بردنش‌‌ 880
  • It sets it free, it wafts it away to its source, little by little, so that you do not see its wafting;
  • وین نفس جانهای ما را همچنان ** اندک اندک دزدد از حبس جهان‌‌
  • And our souls likewise this breath (of ours) steals away, little by little, from the prison of the world.
  • تا إلیه یصعد أطیاب الکلم ** صاعدا منا إلی حیث علم‌‌
  • The perfumes of our (good) words ascend even unto Him, ascending from us whither God knoweth.
  • ترتقی أنفاسنا بالمنتقی ** متحفا منا إلی دار البقا
  • Our breaths soar up with the choice (words), as a gift from us, to the abode of everlastingness;
  • ثم تاتینا مکافات المقال ** ضعف ذاک رحمة من ذی الجلال‌‌
  • Then comes to us the recompense of our speech, a double (recompense) thereof, as a mercy from (God) the Glorious;
  • ثم یلجینا الی امثالها ** کی ینال العبد مما نالها 885
  • Then He causes us to repair to (makes us utter) good words like those (already uttered), that His servant may obtain (something more) of what he has obtained.
  • هکذا تعرج و تنزل دایما ** ذا فلا زلت علیه قائما
  • Thus do they (our good words) ascend while it (the Divine mercy) descends continually: mayst thou never cease to keep up that (ascent and descent)!
  • پارسی گوییم یعنی این کشش ** ز آن طرف آید که آمد آن چشش‌‌
  • Let us speak Persian: the meaning is that this attraction (by which God draws the soul towards Himself) comes from the same quarter whence came that savour (spiritual delight experienced in and after prayer).
  • چشم هر قومی به سویی مانده است ** کان طرف یک روز ذوقی رانده است‌‌
  • The eyes of every set of people remain (turned) in the direction where one day they satisfied a (longing for) delight.