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  • حیله کرد انسان و حیله‌‌ش دام بود ** آن که جان پنداشت خون آشام بود
  • Man devised (something), and his device was a snare (wherein he was trapped): that which he thought to be life was (actually) the drainer of his blood (his destroyer).
  • در ببست و دشمن اندر خانه بود ** حیله‌‌ی فرعون زین افسانه بود
  • He locked the door while the foe was in the house: the plot of Pharaoh was a story of this sort.
  • صد هزاران طفل کشت آن کینه کش ** و آن که او می‌‌جست اندر خانه‌‌اش‌‌ 920
  • That vengeful man slew hundreds of thousands of babes, while the one he was searching after was in his (Pharaoh's) house.
  • دیده‌‌ی ما چون بسی علت در اوست ** رو فنا کن دید خود در دید دوست‌‌
  • Since in our eyesight (foresight) there is much defect, go, let your own sight pass away (faná) in the sight of the Friend (God).
  • دید ما را دید او نعم العوض ** یابی اندر دید او کل غرض‌‌
  • His sight for ours—what a goodly recompense! In His sight you will find the whole object of your desire.
  • طفل تا گیرا و تا پویا نبود ** مرکبش جز گردن بابا نبود
  • So long as the child could neither grasp (exert strength) nor run, he had nothing to ride on but his father's neck;
  • چون فضولی گشت و دست و پا نمود ** در عنا افتاد و در کور و کبود
  • When he became a busybody and plied hand and foot (exerted himself), he fell into trouble and wretchedness.
  • جانهای خلق پیش از دست و پا ** می‌‌پریدند از وفا اندر صفا 925
  • The spirits of created beings, before (the creation of) hand and foot, by reason of their faithfulness were flying in (the realm of) purity;
  • چون به امر اهبطوا بندی شدند ** حبس خشم و حرص و خرسندی شدند
  • When they were constrained by the (Divine) command, Get ye down, they became engaoled in anger and covetousness and contentment.
  • ما عیال حضرتیم و شیر خواه ** گفت الخلق عیال للإله‌‌
  • We are the family of the Lord and craving after milk (like infants): he (the Prophet) said, ‘The people are God's family.’