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  • پس ادب کن اسب را از خوی بد ** ور نه پیش شاه باشد اسب رد
  • Therefore train the horse (so as to cure it) of bad habits; else the horse will be rejected before the King.
  • چشم اسب از چشم شه رهبر بود ** چشم او بی‏چشم شه مضطر بود
  • The horse's eye finds the way from the King's eye: without the King's eye its eye is in desperate plight.
  • چشم اسبان جز گیاه و جز چرا ** هر کجا خوانی بگوید نه چرا
  • The eye of horses, whithersoever you call it except to grass and pasture, says, “Nay, why (should we go)?”
  • نور حق بر نور حس راکب شود ** آن گهی جان سوی حق راغب شود 1290
  • The Light of God mounts (as a rider) on the sensuous eye, and then the soul yearns after God.
  • اسب بی‏راکب چه داند رسم راه ** شاه باید تا بداند شاه راه‏
  • How should the riderless horse know the marks of the road? The King is needed (to ride it) in order that it may know the King's road.
  • سوی حسی رو که نورش راکب است ** حس را آن نور نیکو صاحب است‏
  • Go towards a sense on which the Light is riding: that Light is a good companion for the sense.
  • نور حس را نور حق تزیین بود ** معنی نور علی‏ نور این بود
  • The Light of God is an ornament to the light of sense: this is the meaning of light upon light.
  • نور حسی می‏کشد سوی ثری ** نور حقش می‏برد سوی علی‏
  • The light of sense draws (a man) towards earth; the Light of God bears him aloft,
  • ز انکه محسوسات دونتر عالمی است ** نور حق دریا و حس چون شبنمی است‏ 1295
  • Because sensible things are a lower world: the Light of God is (as) the sea, and the sense as a dew-drop.
  • لیک پیدا نیست آن راکب بر او ** جز به آثار و به گفتار نکو
  • But that which rides on it (on the sense) is not manifested save by good effects and words.