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  • با نماز او بیالوده ست خون ** ذکر تو آلوده‏ی تشبیه و چون‏
  • Her prayers are stained with blood; your praise is stained with assimilation and qualification.
  • خون پلید است و به آبی می‏رود ** لیک باطن را نجاستها بود
  • Blood is foul, and (yet) it goes (is washed away) by a (little) water; but the inward part (the inner man) hath impurities
  • کان به غیر آب لطف کردگار ** کم نگردد از درون مرد کار 1800
  • Which fail not (are not removed) from the interior (the heart) of the man of works except by the water of the grace of the Maker.
  • در سجودت کاش رو گردانی‏ای ** معنی سبحان ربی دانی‏ای‏
  • Would that in your bowing low in prayer you would turn your face (to attentive consideration) and apprehend the meaning of “Glory to my Lord!”
  • کای سجودم چون وجودم ناسزا ** مر بدی را تو نکویی ده جزا
  • Saying, “Oh, my prostration (in prayer), like my existence, is unworthy (of Thee): do Thou give good in return for evil!”
  • این زمین از حلم حق دارد اثر ** تا نجاست برد و گلها داد بر
  • This earth has the mark of God's clemency, in that it got filth and gave flowers as the produce;
  • تا بپوشد او پلیدیهای ما ** در عوض بر روید از وی غنچه‏ها
  • In that it covers our pollutions, (and that) buds grow up from it in exchange.
  • پس چو کافر دید کاو در داد و جود ** کمتر و بی‏مایه تر از خاک بود 1805
  • Therefore, when the infidel saw that in giving and lavishing he was meaner and unwealthier than the earth,
  • از وجود او گل و میوه نرست ** جز فساد جمله پاکیها نجست‏
  • (That) flowers and fruit did not grow from his being, (and that) he sought (and achieved) nothing but the corruption of all purities,
  • گفت واپس رفته‏ام من در ذهاب ** حسرتا یا لیتنی کنت تراب‏
  • He said, “I have gone backwards in (my) course. Alas! would that I had (still) been earth!