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  • هر گیا را کش بود میل علا ** در مزید است و حیات و در نما
  • Every herb that has a propensity for (moving) upwards is in (the state of) increase and life and growth;
  • چون که گردانید سر سوی زمین ** در کمی و خشکی و نقص و غبین‏
  • When it has turned its head towards the earth, (it is) in (the state of) decrease and dryness and failure and disappointment.
  • میل روحت چون سوی بالا بود ** در تزاید مرجعت آن جا بود
  • When the propensity of your spirit is upwards, (you are) in (the state of) increase, and that (lofty) place is the place to which you will return;
  • ور نگون ساری سرت سوی زمین ** آفلی حق لا یحب الآفلین‏ 1815
  • But if you are upside down, (with) your head towards the earth, (then) you are one that sinks: God loves not them that sink.
  • پرسیدن موسی علیه السلام از حق تعالی سر غلبه‏ی ظالمان‏
  • How Moses, on whom be peace, asked the high God (to explain) the secret of the predominance of the unjust.
  • گفت موسی ای کریم کارساز ** ای که یک دم ذکر تو عمر دراز
  • Moses said, “O Bounteous Disposer, O Thou whom to commemorate for one moment is (worth) a long life,
  • نقش کژمژ دیدم اندر آب و گل ** چون ملایک اعتراضی کرد دل‏
  • I have seen the crooked, misshapen image in (the mould of) water and clay, and like the angels, my heart has raised an objection,
  • که چه مقصود است نقشی ساختن ** و اندر او تخم فساد انداختن‏
  • As to what is the purpose of making an image and casting therein the seed of corruption.
  • آتش ظلم و فساد افروختن ** مسجد و سجده کنان را سوختن‏
  • To kindle the fire of iniquity and corruption; to burn the mosque and those who bend low in prayer;
  • مایه‏ی خونابه و زردآبه را ** جوش دادن از برای لابه را 1820
  • To set boiling the source of bloody tears for the sake of (receiving) humble entreaties (from the suffering and oppressed)—
  • من یقین دانم که عین حکمت است ** لیک مقصودم عیان و رویت است‏
  • I know for certain that it is the essence of wisdom (on Thy part), but my aim is (to know this by) actual seeing and vision.