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  • گفت حق استت بزن دستت رسید ** این سزای آن که از یاران برید
  • “You are right,” he replied; “beat (me): you have got the upper hand. This is the fit penalty for him that parts from friends.”
  • رجعت به قصه مریض و عیادت پیغامبر علیه السلام‏
  • Returning to the story of the sick man and the visit paid (to him) by the Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace!
  • این عیادت از برای این صله است ** وین صله از صد محبت حامله است‏
  • This visiting of the sick is for the sake of this (spiritual) attachment, and this attachment is pregnant with a hundred lovingkindnesses.
  • در عیادت شد رسول بی‏ندید ** آن صحابی را به حال نزع دید
  • The peerless Prophet went to visit the sick man; he found that Companion at the last gasp.
  • چون شوی دور از حضور اولیا ** در حقیقت گشته‏ای دور از خدا
  • When you become far from the presence of the saints, you have in reality become far from God.
  • چون نتیجه هجر همراهان غم است ** کی فراق روی شاهان ز آن کم است‏ 2215
  • Inasmuch as the result of parting from fellow-travellers is sorrow, how is separation from the countenance of the kings (saints) less (grievous) than that?
  • سایه شاهان طلب هر دم شتاب ** تا شوی ز آن سایه بهتر ز آفتاب‏
  • Hasten every moment to seek the shadow (protection) of (those) kings, that by means of that shadow you may become superior to the sun.
  • گر سفر داری بدین نیت برو ** ور حضر باشد از این غافل مشو
  • If you have a journey (to make), go with this intention; and if it be (that you stay) at home, neglect not this.
  • گفتن شیخی بایزید را که کعبه منم گرد من طوافی می‏کن‏
  • How a certain Shaykh said to Báyazíd, “I am the Ka‘ba: perform a circumambulation round me.”
  • سوی مکه شیخ امت بایزید ** از برای حج و عمره می‏دوید
  • Báyazíd, the Shaykh of the community, was hurrying to Mecca for the greater pilgrimage (hajj) and the lesser (‘umra).
  • او به هر شهری که رفتی از نخست ** مر عزیزان را بکردی باز جست‏
  • In every city to which he went he would at first make search after the venerable (saints).
  • گرد می‏گشتی که اندر شهر کیست ** کاو بر ارکان بصیرت متکی‏است‏ 2220
  • He would roam about, asking, “Who is there in the city that is relying on (spiritual) insight?”