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  • قصد در معراج دید دوست بود ** در تبع عرش و ملایک هم نمود
  • In the Mi‘ráj (Ascension of the Prophet) the quest was (for) vision of the Beloved; ’twas but secondarily that the empyrean and the angels were also shown.
  • حکایت‏
  • Story.
  • خانه‏ی نو ساخت روزی نو مرید ** پیر آمد خانه‏ی او را بدید
  • A novice one day built a new house; the Pír came (and) saw his house.
  • گفت شیخ آن نو مرید خویش را ** امتحان کرد آن نکو اندیش را
  • The Shaykh said to his new disciple—he put to the test him that had good thoughts—
  • روزن از بهر چه کردی ای رفیق ** گفت تا نور اندر آید زین طریق‏
  • “Wherefore hast thou made a window, O comrade?” Said he, “In order that light may come in by this way.”
  • گفت آن فرع است این باید نیاز ** تا از این ره بشنوی بانگ نماز 2230
  • He (the Shaykh) said, “That is (only) the branch (secondary object); (thy) want (desire) must be this, (namely) that through this channel thou mayst hear the call to prayer.”
  • بایزید اندر سفر جستی بسی ** تا بیابد خضر وقت خود کسی‏
  • Báyazíd, on his journey (to the Ka‘ba), sought much to find some one that was the Khizr of his time.
  • دید پیری با قدی همچون هلال ** دید در وی فر و گفتار رجال‏
  • He espied an old man with a stature (bent) like the new moon; he saw in him the majesty and (lofty) speech of (holy) men;
  • دیده نابینا و دل چون آفتاب ** همچو پیلی دیده هندستان به خواب‏
  • His eyes sightless, and his heart (illumined) as the sun: like an elephant dreaming of Hindustán.
  • چشم بسته خفته بیند صد طرب ** چون گشاید آن نبیند ای عجب‏
  • With closed eyes, asleep, he beholds a hundred delights; when he opens (his eyes), he sees not those (delights)—oh, (’tis) wonderful!
  • بس عجب در خواب روشن می‏شود ** دل درون خواب روزن می‏شود 2235
  • Many a wonder is made manifest in sleep: in sleep the heart becomes a window.