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  • نفس خس گر جویدت کسب شریف ** حیله و مکری بود آن را ردیف‏
  • If the vile fleshly soul desire thee to earn what is noble, there is some trick and plot behind it.
  • بیدار کردن ابلیس معاویه را که خیز وقت نماز است‏
  • How Iblís awakened Mu‘áwiya—may God be well-pleased with him!—saying, “Arise, it is time for prayer.”
  • در خبر آمد که آن معاویه ** خفته بد در قصر در یک زاویه‏
  • ’Tis related in Tradition that Mu‘áwiya was asleep in a nook of the palace.
  • قصر را از اندرون در بسته بود ** کز زیارتهای مردم خسته بود 2605
  • The palace-door was fastened from the inside, for he was fatigued by people's visits.
  • ناگهان مردی و را بیدار کرد ** چشم چون بگشاد پنهان گشت مرد
  • Suddenly he was awakened by a man, (but) when he opened his eyes the man vanished.
  • گفت اندر قصر کس را ره نبود ** کیست کاین گستاخی و جرات نمود
  • He said (to himself), “No one had entrance to the palace: who is he that has shown such impudence and boldness?”
  • گرد برگشت و طلب کرد آن زمان ** تا بیابد ز آن نهان گشته نشان‏
  • Then he went round and searched in order to find the trace of that one who had become hidden (from sight).
  • از پس در مدبری را دید کاو ** در در و پرده نهان می‏کرد رو
  • Behind the door he espied a luckless man who was hiding his face in the door and the curtain.
  • گفت هی تو کیستی نام تو چیست ** گفت نامم فاش ابلیس شقی است‏ 2610
  • “Hey,” he cried, “who are you? What is your name?” “(To speak) plainly,” said he, “my name is Iblís the damned.”
  • گفت بیدارم چرا کردی به جد ** راست گو با من مگو بر عکس و ضد
  • He (Mu‘áwiya) asked, “Why did you take pains to awaken me? Tell the truth, don't tell me what is reverse and contrary (to the fact).”
  • از خر افکندن ابلیس معاویه را و رو پوش و بهانه کردن و جواب گفتن معاویه او را
  • How Iblís gave Mu‘áwiya, may God be well-pleased with him, a fall, and practiced dissimulation, and how Mu‘áwiya answered him.
  • گفت هنگام نماز آخر رسید ** سوی مسجد زود می‏باید دوید
  • He said, “The time for prayer is (all but) come to an end: you must run quickly to the mosque.