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  • تو نیفتادی که باشی پند او ** زهر او نوشید تو خور قند او 3045
  • You did not fall, so that you should be a warning to him. He drank the poison: eat you his sugar!
  • قصد کردن غزان به کشتن یک مردی تا آن دگر بترسد
  • How the Ghuzz set about killing one man in order that another might be terrorised.
  • آن غزان ترک خونریز آمدند ** بهر یغما بر دهی ناگه زدند
  • Those blood-shedding (murderous) Ghuzz Turcomans came, and suddenly fell upon a village (on a raid) for plunder.
  • دو کس از اعیان آن ده یافتند ** در هلاک آن یکی بشتافتند
  • They found two of the notables of that village, and made (ready in) haste to put one (of the two) to death.
  • دست بستندش که قربانش کنند ** گفت ای شاهان و ارکان بلند
  • They tied his hands in order to sacrifice (kill) him. He said, “O princes and high pillars (of the empire),
  • در چه مرگم چرا می‏افگنید ** از چه آخر تشنه‏ی خون منید
  • Why are ye casting me into the pit of death? Wherefore, pray, are ye thirsting after my blood?
  • چیست حکمت چه غرض در کشتنم ** چون چنین درویشم و عریان تنم‏ 3050
  • What is the wisdom, what is the object, in killing me, when I am so poor and bare-bodied?”
  • گفت تا هیبت بر این یارت زند ** تا بترسد او و زر پیدا کند
  • He (one of the Ghuzz) replied, “To strike awe into this friend of yours, so that he may be afraid and produce (his) gold.”
  • گفت آخر او ز من مسکین‏تر است ** گفت قاصد کرده است او را زر است‏
  • He (the man) said, “Why, he is poorer than I.” “He has done it (made himself out to be poor) on purpose,” replied the other; “he has gold.”
  • گفت چون وهم است ما هر دو یک‏ایم ** در مقام احتمال و در شک‏ایم‏
  • He (the man) said, “Since it is (a matter of) opinion, we are both the same: we are (equally) exposed to (mere) probability and doubt.
  • خود و را بکشید اول ای شهان ** تا بترسم من دهم زر را نشان‏
  • Kill him first, O princes, in order that I may be afraid and point out the way to the gold.”