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  • ای ز غم مرده که دست از نان تهی است ** چون غفور است و رحیم این ترس چیست‏
  • O thou that art dead with anxiety because thy hands are empty of bread, what is this fear, since He is forgiving and merciful?
  • شکایت گفتن پیر مردی به طبیب از رنجوریها و جواب گفتن طبیب او را
  • How an old man complained of his ailments to a doctor, and how the doctor answered him.
  • گفت پیری مر طبیبی را که من ** در زحیرم از دماغ خویشتن‏
  • An old man said to a doctor, “I am in torment because of my brain.”
  • گفت از پیری است آن ضعف دماغ ** گفت بر چشمم ز ظلمت هست داغ‏
  • The doctor replied, “That weakness of brain is from age.” Said the old man, “There are spots of darkness on my eyes.”
  • گفت از پیری است ای شیخ قدیم ** گفت پشتم درد می‏آید عظیم‏ 3090
  • “It is from age, O ancient Shaykh,” said the doctor. “Awful pain comes in my back,” said he.
  • گفت از پیری است ای شیخ نزار ** گفت هر چه می‏خورم نبود گوار
  • “It is from age, O emaciated Shaykh” said the doctor. “Whatever I eat,” said he, “is not digested.”
  • گفت ضعف معده هم از پیری است ** گفت وقت دم مرا دم گیری است‏
  • The doctor replied, “Weakness of stomach also is (the result) of age.” Said he, “When I breathe, respiration is hard for me.”
  • گفت آری انقطاع دم بود ** چون رسد پیری دو صد علت شود
  • “Yes,” he said, “it is asthma*; when old age arrives, two hundred diseases come on.”
  • گفت ای احمق بر این بر دوختی ** از طبیبی تو همین آموختی‏
  • “O fool,” he exclaimed, “you have stuck at this: this is all that you have learned of medicine.
  • ای مدمغ عقلت این دانش نداد ** که خدا هر رنج را درمان نهاد 3095
  • O crack-brained man, your intellect has not given you this knowledge, that God hath appointed a remedy for every pain.
  • تو خر احمق ز اندک مایگی ** بر زمین ماندی ز کوته‏پایگی‏
  • You, stupid ass, from poorness of ability have remained (fallen) on the ground for want of a sufficient foothold.”