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  • چون ملایک گو که لا علم لنا ** یا الهی غیر ما علمتنا 3175
  • Like the angels, say, “We have no knowledge, O God, except what Thou hast taught us.”
  • قصه‏ی اعرابی و ریگ در جوال کردن و ملامت کردن آن فیلسوف او را
  • Story of the desert Arab and his putting sand in the sack and the philosopher's rebuking him.
  • یک عرابی بار کرده اشتری ** دو جوال زفت از دانه پری‏
  • A certain Arab of the desert loaded a camel with two big sacks—(there was) one full of grain.
  • او نشسته بر سر هر دو جوال ** یک حدیث انداز کرد او را سؤال‏
  • He was seated on the top of both sacks. A glib philosopher questioned him.
  • از وطن پرسید و آوردش به گفت ** و اندر آن پرسش بسی درها بسفت‏
  • He asked him about his native land and led him to talk and said many fine things in the course of (his) enquiry.
  • بعد از آن گفتش که این هر دو جوال ** چیست آگنده بگو مصدوق حال‏
  • Afterwards he said to him, “What are these two sacks filled with? Tell (me) the truth of the matter.”
  • گفت اندر یک جوالم گندم است ** در دگر ریگی نه قوت مردم است‏ 3180
  • He replied, “In one sack I have wheat; in the other is some sand—not food for men.”
  • گفت تو چون بار کردی این رمال ** گفت تا تنها نماند آن جوال‏
  • “Why,” he asked, “did you load this sand?” “In order that the other sack might not remain alone,” he replied.
  • گفت نیم گندم آن تنگ را ** در دگر ریز از پی فرهنگ را
  • “For wisdom's sake,” said he, “pour half the wheat of that pannier into the other,
  • تا سبک گردد جوال و هم شتر ** گفت شاباش ای حکیم اهل و حر
  • So that the sacks may be lightened, and the camel too.” He (the Arab) cried, “Bravo! O clever and noble sage!
  • این چنین فکر دقیق و رای خوب ** تو چنین عریان پیاده در لغوب‏
  • Such subtle thought and excellent judgement! And you so naked, (journeying) on foot and in fatigue!”