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  • لفظ چون وکرست و معنی طایر است ** جسم جوی و روح آب سایر است‏
  • The word is like the nest, and the meaning is the bird: the body is the riverbed, and the spirit is the rolling water.
  • او روان است و تو گویی واقف است ** او دوان است و تو گویی عاکف است‏
  • It is moving, and you say it is standing: it is running, and you say it is keeping still.
  • گر نبینی سیر آب از خاکها ** چیست بر وی نو به نو خاشاکها
  • If you see not the movement of the water through the fissures (channels) of earth—(yet it is moving): what are the sticks and straws (ever appearing) anew on it?
  • هست خاشاک تو صورتهای فکر ** نو به نو در می‏رسد اشکال بکر 3295
  • Your sticks and straws are the forms (ideas) of thought: (these) virgin forms are always coming on anew.
  • روی آب جوی فکر اندر روش ** نیست بی‏خاشاک محبوب و وحش‏
  • The surface of the water and stream of thought, as it rolls, is not without sticks and straws, (some) pleasing and (some) unsightly.
  • قشرها بر روی این آب روان ** از ثمار باغ غیبی شد دوان‏
  • The husks on the surface of this rolling water have sped along from the fruits of the Invisible Garden.
  • قشرها را مغز اندر باغ جو ** ز انکه آب از باغ می‏آید به جو
  • Seek the kernels of the husks (not on the water, but) in the Garden, because the water comes from the Garden into the river-bed.
  • گر نبینی رفتن آب حیات ** بنگر اندر جوی و این سیر نبات‏
  • If you see not the flow of the Water of Life, look at the stream and at this movement of the weeds (in it).
  • آب چون انبه‏تر آید در گذر ** زو کند قشر صور زوتر گذر 3300
  • When the water begins to pass by in fuller volume, the husks, (which are) the ideas, pass along it more quickly.
  • چون به غایت تیز شد این جو روان ** غم نپاید در ضمیر عارفان‏
  • When this stream has become extremely rapid in its flow, no care lingers in the minds of the gnostics.