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  • چون به غایت ممتلی بود و شتاب ** پس نگنجید اندر او الا که آب‏
  • Since it is (then) exceedingly full and swift, on that account there is no room in it for anything but the water.
  • طعنه زدن بیگانه ای در شیخ و جواب گفتن مرید شیخ او را
  • How a stranger reviled the Shaykh and how the Shaykh's disciple answered him.
  • آن یکی یک شیخ را تهمت نهاد ** کاو بد است و نیست بر راه رشاد
  • A certain man brought charges against a Shaykh, saying, “He is wicked and not on the path of righteousness;
  • شارب خمر است و سالوس و خبیث ** مر مریدان را کجا باشد مغیث‏
  • He is a wine-drinker and a hypocrite and a scoundrel: how should he be one to succour his disciples?”
  • آن یکی گفتش ادب را هوش دار ** خرد نبود این چنین ظن بر کبار 3305
  • One (of the disciples) said to him, “Observe respect: ’tis no light matter to think so ill of the great.
  • دور از او و دور از آن اوصاف او ** که ز سیلی تیره گردد صاف او
  • Far is it from him and far from those (saintly) qualities of his that his clear (spirit) should be darkened by a flood (of sin).
  • این چنین بهتان منه بر اهل حق ** این خیال تست بر گردان ورق‏
  • Do not put such slander on the people of God! This is (mere) fancy on your part. Turn over (a new) leaf.
  • این نباشد ور بود ای مرغ خاک ** بحر قلزم را ز مرداری چه باک‏
  • This (which you say) is not (true); and (even) if it should be, O land-fowl, what harm (comes) to the Red Sea from a carcase?
  • نیست دون القلتین و حوض خرد ** کی تواند قطره‏ایش از کار برد
  • He (the Shaykh) is not less than the (statutory) two jugfuls or the small tank, so that a single drop (of impurity) should be able to disqualify him (for religious purposes).
  • آتش ابراهیم را نبود زیان ** هر که نمرودی است گو می‏ترس از آن‏ 3310
  • The fire is no damage to Abraham, (but) let any one who is a Nimrod beware of it!”
  • نفس نمرود است و عقل و جان خلیل ** روح در عین است و نفس اندر دلیل‏
  • The fleshly soul is Nimrod, and the intellect and spirit are the Friend of God (Abraham): the spirit is concerned with reality itself, and the fleshly soul with the proofs.