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  • واصلان را نیست جز چشم و چراغ ** از دلیل و راهشان باشد فراغ‏
  • For them that have attained (to union with God) there is nothing (necessary) except the eye (of the spirit) and the lamp (of intuitive faith): they have no concern with indications (to guide them) or with a road (to travel by).
  • گر دلیلی گفت آن مرد وصال ** گفت بهر فهم اصحاب جدال‏
  • If the man that is united (with God) has mentioned some indication, he has mentioned (it) in order that the dialecticians may understand (his meaning).
  • بهر طفل نو پدر تی‏تی کند ** گر چه عقلش هندسه‏ی گیتی کند 3315
  • For a new-born child the father makes babbling sounds, though his intellect may make a survey of the (whole) world.
  • کم نگردد فضل استاد از علو ** گر الف چیزی ندارد گوید او
  • The dignity of the master's learning is not diminished if he say that (the letter) alif has nothing (has no diacritical mark).
  • از پی تعلیم آن بسته دهن ** از زبان خود برون باید شدن‏
  • For the sake of teaching that tongue-tied (child), one must go outside of one's own language (customary manner of speech).
  • در زبان او بباید آمدن ** تا بیاموزد ز تو او علم و فن‏
  • You must come into (adopt) his language, in order that he may learn knowledge and science from you.
  • پس همه خلقان چو طفلان وی‏اند ** لازم است این پیر را در وقت پند
  • All the people, then, are as his (the spiritual Teacher's) children: this (fact) is necessary for the Pír (to bear in mind) when he gives (them) instruction.
  • کفر را حد است و اندازه بدان ** شیخ و نور شیخ را نبود کران‏ 3320
  • Infidelity hath a fixed limit and range—know (this for sure); (but) the Shaykh and the light of the Shaykh have no bound.
  • پیش بی‏حد هر چه محدود است لاست ** کل شی‏ء غیر وجه الله فناست‏
  • Before the infinite all that is finite is naught: everything except the Face of God is passing away.
  • کفر و ایمان نیست آن جایی که اوست ** انکه او مغز است و این دو رنگ و پوست‏
  • Infidelity and faith do not exist in the place where he (the Shaykh) is, because he is the kernel, while these twain are (only) colour and husk.