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  • نطق موسی بد بر اندازه و لیک ** هم فزون آمد ز گفت یار نیک‏ 3515
  • The speech of Moses was in measure, but even so it exceeded the words of his good friend.
  • آن فزونی با خضر آمد شقاق ** گفت رو تو مکثری هذا فراق‏
  • That excess resulted in (his) opposing Khadir; and he (Khadir) said, ‘Go, thou art one that talks too much: this is a (cause of) separation (between us).’
  • موسیا بسیار گویی دور شو ** ور نه با من گنگ باش و کور شو
  • O (thou who resemblest) Moses, thou art garrulous. Go far off, or else be dumb with me and blind!
  • ور نرفتی وز ستیزه شسته‏ای ** تو به معنی رفته‏ای بگسسته‏ای‏
  • And if thou goest not, but remainest sitting (here) in despite (of me), thou art gone in reality and severed (from my company).”
  • چون حدث کردی تو ناگه در نماز ** گویدت سوی طهارت رو به تاز
  • When suddenly you commit an act of (legal) impurity in the ritual prayer, it (the prayer) says to you, “Go speedily to purify yourself”;
  • ور نرفتی خشک جنبان می‏شوی ** خود نمازت رفت بنشین ای غوی‏ 3520
  • And if you go not, you will be moving (exerting yourself) in vain; verily your prayer is gone beforehand (already), O misguided man!
  • رو بر آنها که هم جفت تواند ** عاشقان و تشنه‏ی گفت تواند
  • Go to them that are your mates, (them) that are enamoured of your discourse and thirsting for it.
  • پاسبان بر خوابناکان بر فزود ** ماهیان را پاسبان حاجت نبود
  • One who keeps watch is superior to those who slumber: the (spiritual) fish have no need of one who keeps watch.
  • جامه پوشان را نظر بر گازر است ** جان عریان را تجلی زیور است‏
  • Those who wear clothes look to the launderer, (but) the soul of the naked hath (Divine) illumination as its adornment.
  • یا ز عریانان به یک سو باز رو ** یا چو ایشان فارغ از تن جامه شو
  • Either withdraw (and turn) aside from the naked, or like them become free from body-garments.