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  • ور نمی‏تانی که کل عریان شوی ** جامه کم کن تا ره اوسط روی‏ 3525
  • And if you cannot become wholly naked, make your garments less, so that you may tread the middle path.
  • عذر گفتن فقیر به شیخ‏
  • How the dervish excused himself to the Shaykh.
  • پس فقیر آن شیخ را احوال گفت ** عذر را با آن غرامت کرد جفت‏
  • Then the dervish told the Shaykh how the case stood, and coupled excuses with the discharge of that obligation.
  • مر سؤال شیخ را داد او جواب ** چون جوابات خضر خوب و صواب‏
  • To the Shaykh's questions he gave answer good and right, like the answers of Khadir—
  • آن جوابات سؤالات کلیم ** کش خضر بنمود از رب علیم‏
  • (Namely) those answers to the questions of Moses which Khadir, (inspired) by the all-knowing Lord, set forth to him,
  • گشت مشکلهاش حل و افزون زیاد ** از پی هر مشکلش مفتاح داد
  • (So that) his difficulties became solved, and he (Khadir) gave to him (Moses) the key to every question (in a way) beyond telling.
  • از خضر درویش هم میراث داشت ** در جواب شیخ همت بر گماشت‏ 3530
  • The dervish also had (a spiritual) inheritance from Khadir; (hence) he bent his will to answering the Shaykh.
  • گفت راه اوسط ار چه حکمت است ** لیک اوسط نیز هم با نسبت است‏
  • He said, “Although the middle path is (the way of) wisdom, yet the middle path too is relative.
  • آب جو نسبت به اشتر هست کم ** لیک باشد موش را آن همچو یم‏
  • Relatively to a camel, the water in the stream is little, but to a mouse it is like the ocean.
  • هر که را باشد وظیفه چار نان ** دو خورد یا سه خورد هست اوسط آن‏
  • If any one has an allowance of four loaves and eats two or three, that is the mean;
  • ور خورد هر چار دور از اوسط است ** او اسیر حرص مانند بط است‏
  • But if he eat all the four, it is far from the mean: he is in bondage to greed, like a duck.