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  • جستجوی چون تو زیرک سینه صاف ** کی تهی باشد کجا باشد گزاف‏
  • How should the enquiry of a clever and clear-minded person like you be devoid (of result)? How should it be vain?”
  • وین مراعاتش یکی صفعی دگر ** وین ز صفع آشکارا سخت‏تر 3650
  • And this (ironical) respect was to him another slap, and it was harder (to bear) than the visible slap.
  • می‏ستودندش به تسخر کای بزرگ ** در فلان اقلیم بس هول و سترگ‏
  • They extolled him sarcastically, saying, “O great sir, in such and such a very tremendous and huge country,
  • در فلان بیشه درختی هست سبز ** بس بلند و پهن و هر شاخیش گبز
  • In such and such a forest there is a green tree, very tall and broad, and every branch of it is big.”
  • قاصد شه بسته در جستن کمر ** می‏شنید از هر کسی نوعی خبر
  • The king's envoy, who had braced his belt for the quest, was hearing a different kind of report from every one;
  • بس سیاحت کرد آن جا سالها ** می‏فرستادش شهنشه مالها
  • There for years he travelled much, (whilst) the king kept sending money to him.
  • چون بسی دید اندر آن غربت تعب ** عاجز آمد آخر الامر از طلب‏ 3655
  • After he had suffered much fatigue in that foreign land, at last he became too exhausted to seek (any longer).
  • هیچ از مقصود اثر پیدا نشد ** ز آن غرض غیر خبر پیدا نشد
  • No trace of the object of pursuit was discovered: of what he wanted nothing appeared but the report.
  • رشته‏ی امید او بگسسته شد ** جسته‏ی او عاقبت ناجسته شد
  • The thread of his hope snapped, the thing he had sought became unsought in the end.
  • کرد عزم باز گشتن سوی شاه ** اشک می‏بارید و می‏برید راه‏
  • He resolved to return to the king, (and set out) shedding tears and traversing the way.
  • شرح کردن شیخ سر آن درخت را با آن طالب مقلد
  • How the Shaykh explained the hidden meaning of the tree to the seeker who was in the bondage of formalism.