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  • ز ابر گریان شاخ سبز و تر شود ** ز آنکه شمع از گریه روشن‏تر شود 480
  • The bough is made green and fresh by the weeping cloud, for the (same) reason that the candle is made brighter by (its) weeping.
  • هر کجا نوحه کنند آن جا نشین ** ز آنکه تو اولیتری اندر حنین‏
  • Wheresoever people are lamenting, sit you there (and lament), because you have a better right to moan (than they have),
  • ز آن که ایشان در فراق فانی‏اند ** غافل از لعل بقای کانی‏اند
  • Inasmuch as they are (concerned) with parting from that which passes away, and are forgetful of the ruby of everlasting-ness that belongs to the mine (of Reality);
  • ز آن که بر دل نقش تقلید است بند ** رو به آب چشم بندش را برند
  • Inasmuch as the stamp of blind imitation is (as) a lock upon the heart;-go, scrape off (dissolve) its lock with tears-;
  • ز آن که تقلید آفت هر نیکویی است ** که بود تقلید اگر کوه قوی است‏
  • Inasmuch as imitation is the bane of every good quality; imitation is (but) a straw, (even) if it is a mighty mountain.
  • گر ضریری لمترست و تیز خشم ** گوشت پاره‏ش دان چو او را نیست چشم‏ 485
  • If a blind man is big and choleric, deem him (only) a piece of flesh, since he has no eye (eye-sight).
  • گر سخن گوید ز مو باریکتر ** آن سرش را ز آن سخن نبود خبر
  • Though he (the blind imitator) speak words finer than a hair, his heart has no knowledge of these words.
  • مستیی دارد ز گفت خود و لیک ** از بر وی تا به می راهی است نیک‏
  • He has a certain intoxication from his own words, but there is a good way (distance) between him and the Wine.
  • همچو جوی است او نه او آبی خورد ** آب از او بر آب خواران بگذرد
  • He is like a river-bed: it does not drink any water; the water passes through it to the water-drinkers.
  • آب در جو ز آن نمی‏گیرد قرار ** ز آن که آن جو نیست تشنه و آب خوار
  • The water does not settle in the river-bed because the river-bed is not thirsty and water-drinking.