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  • ای توانگر که تو سیری هین مخند ** بر کجی آن فقیر دردمند
  • O thou rich man who art full fed, beware of laughing at the unrighteousness of the suffering poor.
  • از سر تقصیر آن صوفی رمه ** خر فروشی در گرفتند آن همه‏
  • On account of their destitution that Súfí flock, all of them, adopted (the expedient of) selling the ass,
  • کز ضرورت هست مرداری مباح ** بس فسادی کز ضرورت شد صلاح‏ 520
  • Saying, “(In case) of necessity a carcase is lawful (food); (there is) many a vicious act that necessity made a virtuous one.”
  • هم در آن دم آن خرک بفروختند ** لوت آوردند و شمع افروختند
  • They instantly sold the little ass; they fetched dainty viands and lit candles.
  • ولوله افتاد اندر خانقه ** کامشبان لوت و سماع است و شره‏
  • Jubilation arose in the monastery: (they cried), “To-night there are dainties and music and dancing and voracity.
  • چند از این صبر و از این سه روزه چند ** چند از این زنبیل و این دریوزه چند
  • How much (more) of this (carrying the) wallet and this beggary? How much (more) of this patience and of this three-day fasting?
  • ما هم از خلقیم و جان داریم ما ** دولت امشب میهمان داریم ما
  • We also are of (God's) creatures, we have soul. Good luck (is ours) to-night: we have the guest (to entertain).”
  • تخم باطل را از آن می‏کاشتند ** کان که آن جان نیست جان پنداشتند 525
  • Thereby they were sowing the seed of falsehood, for they deemed soul that which is not soul.
  • و آن مسافر نیز از راه دراز ** خسته بود و دید آن اقبال و ناز
  • And the traveller, too, was tired by the long journey and (gladly) saw that favour and fondness (with which they regarded him).
  • صوفیانش یک به یک بنواختند ** نرد خدمتهای خوش می‏باختند
  • The Súfís, one by one, caressed him: they were playing the game of (bestowing) pleasant attentions (on him).