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  • صدهزاران خلق ز اژدرهای او ** در هزیمت کشته شد از رای او
  • By his dragon hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the rout, as he had designed.
  • تهدید کردن فرعون موسی را علیه السلام
  • How Pharaoh threatened Moses, on whom be peace.
  • گفت فرعونش چرا تو ای کلیم ** خلق را کشتی و افکندی تو بیم
  • Pharaoh said to him, “Why didst thou, O Kalím, kill the people and cause fear to fall (on them)?
  • در هزیمت از تو افتادند خلق ** در هزیمت کشته شد مردم ز زلق
  • The people were put to flight and rout by thee; in the rout the folk were killed through slipping (and being crushed to death).
  • لاجرم مردم ترا دشمن گرفت ** کین تو در سینه مرد و زن گرفت
  • Necessarily, the folk have come to regard thee as their enemy; (both) men and women have conceived hatred of thee in their breasts.
  • خلق را می‌خواندی بر عکس شد ** از خلافت مردمان را نیست بد 1070
  • Thou wert calling the people to (follow) thee, (but) it has turned out contrariwise: the folk cannot but resist thee.
  • من هم از شرت اگر پس می‌خزم ** در مکافات تو دیگی می‌پزم
  • I too, though I am creeping (shrinking) back from thy malice, am concocting a plan to requite thee.
  • دل ازین بر کن که بفریبی مرا ** یا بجز فی پس‌روی گردد ترا
  • Put away from thine heart the thought that thou wilt deceive me or that thou wilt get any follower but thy shadow.
  • تو بدان غره مشو کش ساختی ** در دل خلقان هراس انداختی
  • Be not deluded by that which thou hast contrived: thou hast (only) cast terror into the hearts of the people.
  • صد چنین آری و هم رسوا شوی ** خوار گردی ضحکه‌ی غوغا شوی
  • Thou mayst bring (forward) a hundred such (devices), and thou wilt be exposed in the same way; thou wilt become despicable and the laughing-stock of the mob.
  • همچو تو سالوس بسیاران بدند ** عاقبت در مصر ما رسوا شدند 1075
  • Many have been impostors like thee, (but) in our Egypt they have been brought to disgrace in the end.”
  • جواب موسی فرعون را در تهدیدی کی می‌کردش
  • The answer of Moses to Pharaoh concerning the threats which he made against him.